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The Fax of Life

A weekly inspiration, courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Scott's Valley

February 5, 2012                                           Volume 18, Number 17

Lesson of the Great Wall

In ancient China, the people wanted security against the barbaric hordes to the north, so they built the Great Wall, 3700 miles long.


The wall was fully completed in stages over 1400 years. It required literally millions of workers over the centuries for construction and maintenance, Over the dynasties some sections of the Great Wall eroded, causing sections to be rebuilt and extended many times.. It was so high they believed no one could climb over it and so thought nothing could break it down.


The dream of the emperors was that after its completion they could settle back to enjoy their security. But early on they learned a critical lesson about their great plan.


During the first hundred years of the wall's existence China was invaded three times.


Not once did the barbaric hordes ever break down the wall or climb over it.  If they even tried we have no knowledge of it.  Each time they instead bribed a gatekeeper and then marched right through the gates.


The early Chinese had been so busy relying on walls of stone they had forgotten to teach integrity to their children. It was only by paying attention to the human element and implementing cross-checks on the guards that the wall became what was for centuries an effective instrument of defense.


Our wall, in this Founder's Day month, is the freedoms, the inalienable rights which our founders attributed to a Creator, that serve as our defense against the barbarian hordes of oppression, In our case the hordes are different, but the principles are the same. The price of liberty, as it has been said so often, is eternal vigilance and trust in no man


                                                     ---Contributed by Art Landing

                                                         taken from a composite of sources



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