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The Fax of Life

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October 28, 2012                                              Volume 19, Number 3


Tribute to Joe Miller 

(A little over a week ago our Kiwanis Club saw the passing of someone who was a leader in our club and in our community. On Saturday there was a service to celebrate Joe Miller’s life. Several former and current members contributed to the following remarks, and they were read by one of our newest members, Samantha Conley, who also happens to be Joe’s granddaughter.)


Although Joe officially joined our Kiwanis club in September. 1996, many of us knew him long before that. He had a passion to make sure that life in Scotts Valley was the best that it could be and that passion led him to be involved in many way in the life of our community. And while he was elected to city council and the water board, Joe was not a politician, he was a public servant. And there is a difference. It seemed natural for someone with the heart of a servant to join a service club.

Joe was never a member who just showed up for breakfast. If he was involved in something, he was involved all the way. He wanted to make sure things were done right, and he also wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing.  As long as something was in line with the Kiwanis mission, “serving the children of the world,” Joe was there to help.

For the past few years Joe has been our treasurer. As you can imagine, the books always balanced, and every penny was accounted for. In detail. In GREAT detail. Sometime in more detail than we cared to hear about, but we got used to hearing it because protesting just prolonged the whole thing.


And while we got used hearing those details, if you were at a meeting with Joe, there were five things you never, EVER, heard:


1.      Joe, get to the point.

2.      Joe, must you speak in riddles?

3.      Joe, why don't you tell us what you REALLY think?

4.      Joe, please don't be shy about expressing your opinion.

5.      Joe, speak up. We can't hear you.

Joe led by example, never expecting others to do something if he wasn’t willing to do it too. We learned a lot from Joe, both in and out of Kiwanis. If you went to him for advice or to solve a problem, you eventually realized that in helping you to walk through the problem, step by step, you had developed the skills to take on the next problem by yourself.

Finding a friend like that is remarkable. But remarkable is a good word to describe Joe. He was a mentor to many of us, a friend to all of us and we will miss him very much.


                                --- compiled from remarks by the friends of Joe Miller


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