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The Fax of Life - 2012 Index

A weekly inspiration, courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Scotts Valley


Since 1995 the Scotts Valley Kiwanis Club has distributed weekly inspirational monographs, initially by FAX and then in the late nineties by e-mail. Despite the change in transmission mode the original name has been retained for consistency - Fax of Life.


In addition to individual recipients these messages are posted to the website of several clubs. Rosemead Kiwanis is happy to be included in that group; we are also pleased to carry the project one step further --  archiving both the new weekly emails for future reference plus older issues that predate our website. (Currently years 2005-2013 plus 1996-1997 are available - prior years are being added as time allows).


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2012 Fax of Life (issues for oldest months are at bottom of page)


December, 2012


12/01/12 - Letter from Jesus About Xmas

                      Ten suggested gifts that cost nearly nothing


12/10/12 - No Fax of Life distributed



12/16/12 - The Most Caring Child

                        A vignette in the wake of the Newtown massacre


12/23/12 - The Children of Connecticut

                       A poetic tribute to those who perished in Newtown  



 12/30/12 -



November, 2012


11/04/12 - Election Day Prayer

                       A few words from George Washington


11/12/12 - Soon to be Gone

                   A commentary by a serving military trauma center doctor


11/22/12 - Thanksgiving Proclamation

                       Words from Abraham Lincoln


11/25/12 - You Reap What You Sow

                     The Kindness of Penelope Eddy


October, 2012


10/08/12 - No Fax distributed



10/14/12 -  Mayonnaise and Two Beers

                        The Importance of putting first things first


10/21/12 - The Kids Behind the Motto

                         A retrospective of some whom Kiwanians serve


10/28/12 - Tribute to Joe Miller

                          A eulogy to a man who was Treasurer of Scotts Valley Kiwanis and proudly wore the K


September, 2012


09/03/12 - The World is Mine

                    It pays to have perspective


09/09/12 - Having Lunch With God

                    A story about Twinkies with a twist


09/16/12 - Three Simple Rules

                    Some benchmarks for wise decision making


09/23/12 - Buying a Miracle

                    Perhaps the greatest Rexall Drug deal of all time


09/30/12 - The Importance of Hugs

                     A refreshing reminder of true relativity


August, 2012


08/06/12 - A Walk Down Memory Lane

                   Recollections of a far different world


08/13/12 - The Hands of a Nice Old Man

                    Seeing our hands from a unique perspective


08/20/12 - Chaplain's Tale

                    A story from 9/11


08/27/12 - No Fax of Life Distributed



July, 2012


07/01/12 - I'm Your Flag

                    An Independence Day tribute to "Old Glory"


07/08/12 - Points to Ponder

                    American exceptionalism summarized in two paragraphs


07/15/12 - A Sandpiper

                    A moving story of childlike love


07/22/12 - An Old Guy and a Bucket of Shrimp 

                       A proven miracle that saved an American pioneer


 07/30/12 - No Fax of Life Distributed


June, 2012


06/04/12 - How to Plant Your Garden

                   Developing a philosophical green thumb


06/11/12 - Welcome to Holland

                    A Lesson in dealing positively with unexpected reality


06/18/12 -  No Fax of Life Distributed This Week


06/24/12 - Lessons of Life

                    45 Observations Worth Remembering


May, 2012


05/07/12 - Little Reminders From God

                    17 Tweets worth noting


05/14/12 -  I'm a Mom

                     A professional designation redefined for the 21st Century



05/21/12 - No Fax of Life Distributed This Week



05/28/12 - Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

                   An army nurse with a heart goes way beyond the call of mere duty


April, 2012


04/02/12 - The Thing He Valued Most

                        A protégé discovers his mentor's greatest treasure


 04/09/12 - No Fax of Life Distributed This Week


04/16/12 - Its the Details That Count

                         God's mind and hand revealed in nature


04/23/12 -  Drinking From My Saucer

                    A needed review of personal blessings


04/30/12 - Preventing Family Civil War

                    A 14 point peace plan


March, 2012


 03/05/12 - A Poem Worth Reading

                   Life from the perspective of an "Old Soldier"


03/12/12 - Ten Observations About Life

                    Not the same as commandments, but thoughts worth noting


 03/19/12 - Its UP time America

                    Nearly four dozen positive actions suggested in today's trying times



 03/26/12 - A Hero's Hero

                    John Glenn is over ninety - he met his life's hero literally in a childhood playpen.



February, 2012


02/06/12 - Lesson of the Great Wall

                  The need for perpetual vigilance illustrated


02/13/12 - Talking to God

                  Understanding the meaning of trust


02/20/12 - Crabby Old Man (applies to women too)

                  Understanding what it means to walk in another’s moccasins


02/26/12  - No Fax of Life released this week



January, 2012


 01/02/12 - Recipe for the Soul

                    How one person can feed a world


 01/09/12 - God is Never Wrong

                    Lose a finger, save a life


 01/16/12 - Adam

                    Sometimes a little child must lead us


 01/23/12 - When You thought I Wasn't Looking

                    Sometimes example is the best teacher


 01/30/12 -  What Road are You Traveling?

                    A example of the folly of imputing unintended motives