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The Fax of Life

A weekly inspiration, courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Scott's Valley

September 2, 2013                                             Volume 19, Number 38



I didn't just "grow up.” I was taught:


To speak when I enter a room


To say “please” and “thank you.”


To respect my elders and

    to get off my lazy butt and

        let the elder in the room

            have my chair.


To say “yes,sir,” and “no, sir."


To lend a helping hand to those in need.


To hold the door open for the person behind me.


To say ‘excuse me’ when it is needed.


To love people for who they are,

    not what I can get from them


To treat people the way I want to be treated


Remember, growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.


                                                                                                ---   Author unknown


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