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The Fax of Life - 2013 Index

A weekly inspiration, courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Scotts Valley


From 1995 to early 2013 the Scotts Valley Kiwanis Club distributed weekly inspirational monographs. Initially these were done by FAX and then. in the late nineties,by e-mail. Despite the change in transmission mode the original name was retained for consistency - Fax of Life.


In addition to individual recipients many of these messages were posted to the websites of various Kiwanis clubs. Rosemead Kiwanis was happy to be included in that group beginning in 2005. We

were also pleased to carry the project one step further --  archiving both the new weekly emails for future reference plus older issues that predate our website. (Currently years 2005-2013 plus

1996-1997 are available. We have the text of the 1998-2004 issues and are converting them as time allows).


Due to health issues in the family of the Fax's 1913 editor (who was the daughter of the founder) the Fax went on hiatus in 2014 and has not been resumed. Rosemead Kiwanis is happy to host

what we believe to be the most complete archive of Fax issues on the Internet,


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2013 Fax of Life (issues for oldest months are at bottom of page)


December, 2013


12/02/13 - Christmas Love

                   Misspelling or inspired mistake?  You decide!


12/09/13 - What God Did That Day

                   Pearl Harbor had a three part silver lining


12/16/13 - no issue distributed


12/23/13 - Night before Christmas

                   A Christian parody of a famous carol


12/30/13 -


November, 2013


11/04/13 - Dancing with God

                   An acrostic analysis with a surprising result.


11/11/13 - How to Stay Young

                   Twelve points to pep up your psyche


11/18/13 - The Blind Boy

                   An alternate way of conveying the same message brings dramatically improved results


11/25/13 - No issue distributed


October, 2013


10/07/13 - No issue distributed


10/14/13 - No issue distributed


10/21/13 - If I Were the Devil

                   1964 Version of a prophetic Paul Harvey classic


10/28/13 - Echoes of Godly Love

                   Godly love reflected in a supermarket - if there then anywhere?


September, 2013


09/02/13 - I Was Raised

                    A Step Beyond Just "Growing Up"


09/11/13 - I am the Flag

                    A Tribute to Old Glory


09/16/13 - The Perfect Puppy

                    Love at times triumphs challenges in unusual ways


09/22/13 - Lessons from Geese

                    Some lessons from nature


09/30/13 - Staying Younger

                    How "Knucks" bring a voice of encouragement


August, 2013


08/04/13 - Success

                   "Outside the box" definitions with wisdom


08/11/13 - Think

                    Thoughts to give one pause


08/18/13 - A Glass of Milk

                   Sometimes small favors today bring large dividends in the future


08/25/13 - The Wrong Funeral

                   "Mistakes" are sometimes for a reason


July, 2013


07/01/13 - Reasons for the season

                   Reviewing the "Declaration of Independence"


07/08/13 - Lady Liberty

                   History of a national treasure - including her injured arm


07/15/13 - The Daffodil Principal

                   Lessons from a one-time Southern California landmark


07/22/13 - no issue distributed


07/29/13 - no issue distributed


June, 2013


06/03/13 - no issue distributed


06/10/13 - Instructions for life

                     45 one-line principles worth pondering


06/17/13 - When God created Fathers

                     Dialogue between the creator and a perplexed angel


06/24/13 - no issue distributed


May, 2013


05/06/13 - Final Toast for the Doolittle Raiders

                      A story of a unique cup of brandy that represents much more


05/13/13 - Why God Made Moms

                      FAQ answers from a class of second graders


05/20/13 - Gifts

                      Sometimes it pays to be grateful for what we are given

                            because it contains a surprise


05/27/13 - Memorial Day

                      Those who serve together share a special bond


April, 2013


04/01/13 - Pancakes

                     Sometimes great intentions wind up creating a mess


04/08/13 - Going Home

                      Something simple as a commute can become a trial


04/15/13 - The Cab Ride

                      Not every taxi trip has to be rushed and tied to the meter


04/22/13 - Ragged Old Flag

                      A fresh perspective breeds renewed appreciation


04/29/13 - 31 Things to Teach Your Daughter

                     As with ice cream, lessons come in multiple flavors 


March, 2013


03/04/13 - Daniel's Gloves

                      A story of hands on but outside the box purposefulness


03/11/13 - In Memoriam

                      A poem dedicated to two slain police officers


03/18/13 - Two Recipes

                      Not for use in the kitchen, but for attaining a better life


03/25/13 - Will You Leave It On the Desk?

                      A story about donuts with a novel twist


February, 2013


02/04/13 - God's Rosebud

                      An important key to finding one's path in life


02/11/13 - Little Girl on a Plane

                       A child's common sense answer to an atheist


02/18/13 - A College Student Named Rose

                        Growing old is natural, growing up is optional


02/25/13 - Sportsmanship

                        A true story about a very unique football game


January, 2013


01/06/13 - Vietnam, 1966

                      A Snopes-verified true story about movie star Ann Margaret


01/13/13 - Obituary of Common Sense

                      A case for learning from history so as not to repeat it


01/20/13 - No Fax of Life distributed


01/28/13 -  How to Truly Love God's Way

                    A possible reason why God sometimes allows challenges

                        that on the surface appear as handicaps