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The Fax of Life - 1996 Index

A weekly inspiration, courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Scotts Valley


Since 1995 the Scotts Valley Kiwanis Club has distributed weekly inspirational monographs, initially by FAX and then, beginning in 1996, by e-mail. Despite the change in transmission mode the original name has been retained for consistency - Fax of Life. 


In addition to individual recipients these messages are posted to the website of several clubs. Rosemead Kiwanis is happy to be included in this latter group; we are also pleased to carry the project one step further -- archiving both the new weekly emails for future reference plus older issues that predate our website.

(Currently years 2005-2011 plus 1996-1997 are available - other years are being added as time allows).


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December, 1996


12/29/1996 - Rules of the Range


                     Three credos from kid's heroes of yesteryear (Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy)


12/22/1996 - A Brother Like That


                     A very mature lad yearns to give is handicapped brother a very special present.


12/15/1996 - One at a Time


                     A beachcomer saving starfish teaches a valuable lesson about incremental service.


12/08/1996 - Start with Yourself


                     Thousand year old wisdom from a crypt shows where change needs to start.


12/01/1996 - On Courage


                          Remarkable tale of a young lad willing to give his life to save his sister.


November, 1996


11/24/1996 - The Hand


                      A lesson in the role that a good teacher plays for his/her students


11/17/1996 - A Creed for Those Who Have Suffered


                     God sometimes answers prayer according to our needs, not our words


11/10/1996 - No Fax of Life distributed


11/04/1996 - The Most Important Words


                     A mnemonic that gives one perspective in what they say.



October, 1996


10/27/1996 - Fair Warning for Hunters


                     Those with nothing to fear don't let themselves be spooked into an investigation.


Introductory Statements - 1996/2010


                      A few words on how the Fax of Life began - and where it is hopefully going