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The Fax of Life - 1997 Index

A weekly inspiration, courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Scotts Valley


Since 1995 the Scotts Valley Kiwanis Club has distributed weekly inspirational monographs, initially by FAX and then, beginning in 1996, by e-mail. Despite the change in transmission mode the original name has been retained for consistency - Fax of Life. 


In addition to individual recipients these messages are posted to the website of several clubs. Rosemead Kiwanis is happy to be included in this latter group; we are also pleased to carry the project one step further -- archiving both the new weekly emails for future reference plus older issues that predate our website.

(Currently years 2005-2010 plus 1996-1997 are available - other years are being added as time allows).


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December, 1997


12/28/1997 - If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again


                       A thoughtful poem about ordering priorities


12/21/1997 - A Brother Like That


                       Not all children are get-focused; some understand giving


12/14/1997 - Discouraged?


                       How one reacts to adverse facts can depend on your perspective


12/07/1997 - Song of the Bird


                       The tragic tale of an eagle who thought himself just a chicken


November, 1997


11/30/1997 - Yule Rush


                       A parody inspired by the TV situation comedy "Mork and Mindy"


11/23/1997 - First National Thanksgiving


                       George Washington on why we need to be thankful to our creator


11/16/1997 - Good News


                        A famous golfer takes getting conned in stride


11/09/1997 - When We’re Alone, We Can Dance


                       An accomplished reporter looks at the realities of age


11/02/1997 - The Most Caring Child


                        Sometimes the greatest kindnesses are the simplest of actions


October, 1997


10/26/1997 - Paco, Come Home


                       A simple newspaper ad brings an unexpected response


10/19/1997 - The Little Boy and the Old Man


                       The "generation gap" is sometimes less than it seems


10/12/1997 - Class Reunion


                       Age brings us to facing reality, but its not that bad


10/05/1997 - The Station


                       Life doesn't always unfold according to plan, but should be enjoyed anyway                             


September, 1997


09/28/1997 - Great Value in Disaster


                       Thomas Edison loses a vast lab to a fire, but retains vision


09/21/1997 - The Miracle Bridge


                       They said the Brooklyn Bridge was "impossible" - and its completion was a miricale


09/14/1997 - Angel in a Scarlet Hat


                       A woman facing a trial blesses another, and is blessed in return


09/07/1997 - To Remember Me


                       Organ donation is good, but there is something even more important


August, 1997


08/31/1997 - In Praise of Teachers


                       A teacher remembered is rewarded indeed


08/24/1997 - Golden Rules for Living


                       Fifteen specific applications of the greatest commandment


08/17/1997 - Our Deepest Fear


                       Realizing who we truly are banishes our innate fear of sufficient adequacy


08/10/1997 - This and That


                       Five definitions worth remembering


08/03/1997 - The Right Thought Riding in My Mind


                       Encountering a one-legged biker gives a different perspective


July, 1997


07/27/1997 - Passing on Small Change


                       A compassionate shopper seizes the opportunity for a random act of kindness


07/20/1997 - Susie's Run


                      A young girl proves that loving desire can overcome seemingly impossible odds.


07/13/1997 - Changed Lives


                      The wife of a Sing Sing warden sets out to help the unhelpable - and succeeds


07/06/1997 - To All Parents


                       A poem in commemoration of a murdered college student and Key Clubber


June, 1997


06/29/1997 - The Only Memory That Lingers


                       A war-orphaned senior recalls his Father's last words fifty years before


06/22/1997 - Winners and Winners


                       A dramatic tale of honesty. integrity and mutual respect


06/15/1997 - What is So Good About Hugs?


                       A poem about one of the nicest forms of human interaction


06/08/1997 - The Story of Margaret and Ruth


                       Two senior ladies form a piano duo that transcends their physical challenges


06/01/1997 - Nouns and Adverbs


                       A burned boy revives when he realizes others don't expect him to die.

May. 1997


05/25/1997 - I Was Dying


                      A unique perspective on the unfolding and concluding of life itself


05/18/1997 - Bidding From the Heart


                       A lamb is sold and resold at auction thirty-six times to help a young girl


05/11/1997 - When You Thought I Wasn't Looking


                       A remarkable poem about things children observe in their parents


05/04/1997 - No Fax of Life distributed this week


April, 1997


04/27/1997 - The Woodwork Angel


                       A dentist helps a college student with more than a sore jaw


04/20/1997 - Its Up to You


                      Nineteen instances where he choices made by just one person do matter.


04/13/1997 - An Afternoon in the Park


                       A boy and an old woman each visit God for lunch


04/06/1997 - The Secret of Life


                       God, against advice, hides a secret in plain sight


March, 1997


03/30/1997 - A Life Worth Saving


                       Rescue is good - what comes next is also important


03/23/1997 - What's Really Important


                      Sportsmanship trumps competition in a Special Olympics event


03/16/1997 - Not a One


                       Parents need to know a child's perspective before assuming the worst.


03/09/1997 - A Lesson in Heart


                       How one young physically challenged girl succeeded anyway


03/02/1997 - Lady, Are You Rich?


                      If your life matches up you may be wealthier than you realize


February, 1997


02/23/1997 - A Sense of Goose


                      God has given one of his creatures a remarkable set of attributes


02/16/1997 - Adam


                       Every day can be beautiful inits own way if we want it to be.


02/09/1997 - True Love - A Story For Valentine's Day


                       How a kind and loving philosopher persuaded a fair maiden to love a hunchback.


02/02/1997 - No Fax of Life distributed this week



January, 1997


01/26/1997 - Heaven and Hell - the Real Difference


                       A classic tale of how teamwork can trump adversity


01/20/1997 - Sachi


                       A sweet epiphany of how a child might view God


01/12/1997 - A Simple Gesture


                       How a small act of kindness prevented a teen suicide


01/05/1997 - Rescue at Sea


                             A pointed example of why following one's heart can sometimes be critical