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The Kiwanicle is a publication chronicling in words and pictures the activities of the Kiwanis Rosemead Family of Clubs (RFC).


The RFC presently includes: Rosemead Kiwanis, RHS KEY Club, Don Bosco KEY Club, Muscatel Builders Club, and San Gabriel Valley Aktion Club. It is our hope that in the near future there will be additional clubs added to this list.


The Kiwanicle is produced and distributed via e-mail to members of the above groups; it is also posted here as a matter of historical record for those interested.


2010 Kiwanicle link index:


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11/08/2010 Highlights: Lou Reade designated presumptive Sgt at Arms, November 18, 2010, meeting shifted to Lincoln Training Center, first half of Tom Mix's life covered in detail, Special Report (with pictures) of RIF-SoCal  "Vote for Books" event at Emerson Elementary School.


11/01/2010 Highlights: Rosemead Chamber holding Casino Night. special interclub featuring KI President in December, Frank DiNoto and wife Mary Jane receive Cal-Nev-Ha distinguished service award for heading up successful blood donor drive, featured speaker Alan Payette covers beliefs of modern Libertarian Party.


10/26/2010 - Highlights: Book donation to schools, PTA groups in GSD to work with RIF/Kiwanis as Kiwanians Jerlene Hales and Jan Robertson step in on short notice to present a history of RIF when scheduled speaker cancels. Pre-meeting RKC Board meeting slated for next week.


10/18/2010 - Highlights: Wal-Mart presents RKF with $1500 check; American Heritage touchpoints included black robed regiment, colonial black patriots, lyceum movement and Benjamin Morris's Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States


10/11/2010 - Highlights: Temple City Interclub scheduled, GSD morning concert for CMI scheduled, premption of meeting site on 12/16 noted, new 2010-2011 RKC President Rob Robertson conducts survey and announces Committee chairs. RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and SLP (Sponsored Leadership Programs - Aktion, Builders, K-kids, Key Clubs) will be major foci


09/21/2010 Highlights: Board meeting resolves duck race issue, Lincoln Training Center has asked us to host monthly birthday celebration for clients and we've approved the project beginning in January. Reports listed for most Committees.


09/13/2010 Highlights: Alabama Key Club sponsors organization of a Kiwanis Club; Rosemead artifact sculpture walkathon includes 12 RKF members; RKC bell is being updated with President's engraved names for first time in 15 years - parallel effort to recognize past Presidents added to website. Water conservation speaker to be invited back as time did not allow for addressing of all questions. 


09/06/2010 Highlights: Rosemead water conservation background in advance of speaker presentation. Duff School project clears GSD Committee hurdle, People4People presentation synopsis


08/30/2010 Highlights: Kiwanian George Cisneros featured in tour of Budapest, while our next featured speaker will be the head of Rosemead's own People4People program.


08/16/2010 Highlights: Bezner memoriam comments, additional RIF partner projects available, WSGVB&G Club (an RKN partner) on verge of signing contract with GSD (another RKN partner) relative to health center at mothballed Duff Elementary School, former Filipino Kiwanian and current massage therapist Joel Ang addresses club plus a 10 point ethical values memorandum passed along by Kiwanis Division 10 Lt. Gov Jan Robertson from Rich Tips.

06/28/2010 Highlights: Relay for Life final statistics; Independence Day celebration; Meeting notes

05/24/2010 – Highlights: “Guys and Dolls” presentation; Meeting reports; RIF cycle 3 events; RHS KEY Report; Relay for Life photo montage

05/10/2010 Highlights: Meeting recap; Science Olympiad team goes to nationals; RHS KEY report; New member induction

04/26/2010 Highlights: Trivia time; Science Olympiad victory; Recap of upcoming events

04/12/2010 Highlights: Folk concert; Angels baseball night; Meeting reports:

04/06/2010 Highlights: Hillcrest “Outdoor classroom” dedicated; Earthquake preparedness; Award dinner for Virginia Petersen; Pasadena Kiwanis 90th anniversary; Photo montage of K-1 Day

03/29/2010 Highlights: Key leader program; Veteran’s recognition; K-1 Day Health Fair; Division 10 prayer breakfast; Rosemead City yard sale

03/16/2010 Highlights: RHS KEY installation, Board meeting @ Denny’s; Folk concert to support Relay for Life; Mario Manzano receives District distinguished service award

03/07/2010 Highlights: City Manager’s report; Regional Kiwanis conference; Don Bosco KEY Club report; meeting reports

02/16/2010 Highlights: Board meeting,; Membership campaign; 2010 RIF coordinators listed

02/08/2010 Highlights: Meeting report; Regional Kiwanis conference; Temple intermediate school RIF report; King’s Hockey Kiwanis night

01/18/2010 Highlights: Virginia Petersen honored as School Superintendent of year; K-1 Day and Kiwanis International convention approaching; RKF awards check to RIF