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The RKC Kiwanicle is a publication chronicling in words and pictures the activities of the Rosemead Family  of Kiwanis (RFK).


The RFK presently includes: Rosemead Kiwanis, RHS KEY Club, Don Bosco KEY Club, Muscatel Builders Club, and San Gabriel Valley Aktion Club. It is our hope that in the near future there will be additional clubs added to this list.


The Kiwanicle is produced and distributed via e-mail to members of the above groups; it is also posted here as a matter of historical record for those interested.


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03/07/2011 - Highlights: Police chief Tim Murakami to discuss anti-gang tactics. Key Club holding installation tomorrow. Muscatel again (for 7th time) finished #1 for County in Science Olympiad - now onto State finals. Bob Bruesch attended Youth Summit and Anthony Robles is hard at work on the May 14, 2011, Relay for Life. Elizabeth Landing recovering from eye surgery.


04/20/2011 - Highlights: Division 10 addressed by District Governor Tom Millham; RKC Division 10 Club of Month; Health Fair and Pancake Breakfast coming up on 23rd with SLP (Sponsored Leadership Programs) groups in major role; Willard Elementary qualifying to be "Light House School" for 7 habits of Highly Effective People program; GSD Family Fun Day slated for September 17, 2011 - RFK (Rosemead Family of Kiwanians) clubs will have role in  Health Fair component. SLP news spotlighted including and article discussing K-Kids as a deterrent to bullying.


04/22/2011 - Highlights: Meeting cancelled to allow participation in State of City address by our member and new mayor, Stephen Le; new member training session slated; Temple Intermediate featuring student production of Willy Wonks, partially underwritten by the Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation (RKF)


04/25/2011 - Highlights: Janson School in the RSD (Rosemead School District) is applying for Lighthouse status in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People program. LTC (Lincoln Training Center) monthly birthday observance activity continued, GSD (Garvey School District) campus beautification project expanded to include all GSD schools. Carol Mahoney received Dunlop award at Governor's banquet. The RKC has acquired its own proprietary computer


05/10/2011 - Highlights: Tim Motts's wife has new son; Lou Reade is delivering new RKC shirts, final details in place for Rosemead Relay for Life, Woodcraft Rangers has new GSD summer learning program, Status of Duff School featured.


05/24/2011 - Highlights: Science Olympiad Team (an RKC supported group) from Muscatel places fourth in national competition, Muscatel Builder's Club recognition dinner slated, Savannah RIF So-Cal  carnival needs help, RKC receives RIF-SoCal Champion award, RKC Board authorizes study of pilot BUG program in two schools from GSD and RSD. he schools respectively will be Willard and Enciita. Rosemead will have a free remembrance ceremony on Memorial Day.


05/30/2011 - Highlights: Susan Coscarelli had to defer her address to the RKC due to a fall - is recovering nicely; Frank DiNoto introduced us to FREE Bar Association brochures; Muscatel Builder's Recognition Dinner produced a surprise award for Reynita Amador, with presentation done by Kiwanis Division 10 Lt. Governor Marie Peng  The Builder's Club's latest projects include affixing RKC labels to donated dictionaries' and stuffed dolls for use in serving traumatized children. Eradication of neo-natal tetanus in foreign lands, the coming Kiwanis World Service project, was also discussed at the dinner.-


06/07/2011 - Highlights: The RKC received a thank you note from the GSD for the student dictionaries;

RKC officer nominations for the 2011-2012 year announced; Muscatel Builder's Club recognized this year as achieving distinguished status; Rosemead city budget passed without layoffs; RIF co-ordinators for 2011-2012 announced and Lt Governor Marie Peng made her formal visitation and address to the RKC.


06/13/2011 - Highlights: RKC visited by Muscatel's champion Science Olympiad team; Dean Wharton in charge of Golf Tournament for Rosemead Educational Foundation, Monterey Park City budget passed, Savannah elementary student wins RIF-SoCal bookmark competition.  Elizabeth Landing appointed chairperson of the RKC Spiritual Values Committee; Chamber Mixer at Holiday Inn Express, plus a Fire and Fireworks Safety Meeting.


06/20/2011 - Highlights: Aktion/Builders "Dr Dolls" project; RIF: Macy's "Book Smart" program, combating "Summer Reading Slide;" Attorney General inquiry resolved


06/27/2011 - Highlights: Elba Quintanilla and Guadalupe Manzano tributes; RKC Board meeting completes 2011-2012 nominations; Relay for Life awards for RHS Key and Muscatel Builders announced; Susan Coscarelli featured speaker with annual RIF-SoCal review.


7/02/2011 - Highlights: 4th of July parade theme: Rosemead Honors America's Heros. SCE speaker Ron Garcia covered modern realities of power production and distribution, EMF radiation, energy saving CARE program and the coming "smart meters."


07/11/2011 - Highlights: Key Club car wash for pediatric trauma; call for 2011-2012 elections; Kiwanis International update from Geneva; Speaker and Kiwanian Ken Pike presents legacy of John and Janelle Newhouse, who endowed a large part of what is today the Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation and Lincoln Training Center.


07/18/2011 - Highlights: Date set for 2011-12 RKC elections; Key Club District 10 South Car Wash report; Bob Bruesch presented Changing Face of Education (see special report below); Rosemead Concert in Park series for 2011 summer detailed; RKN member Career Partners slates payroll tax seminar.


Special Report: Changing Face of Education with Kiwanian Bob Bruesch


07/26/2011 - Highlights: 2nd Election Call; "Open Mic" night for teens; LTC monthly birthday celebration and special commendation; Speaker: Jerry Liu on outreach programs of the University of the West; August RKC speaker and community activity calendar.


07/27/2011 - Special Bulletin: Five Board member nominees added to upcoming election ballot.


08/02/2011 - Highlights: Board meeting synopsis, election results, restaurant seminar


Special Report: World Wide Service Project - Eliminate


08/07/2011 - Highlights: (No announcements ) Speaker: Scott Chamberlin, Housing Council

Director; dedication of remodeled city aquatic center


8/14/2011 - Highlights: Jan Robertson in Cal-Neva-Ha Kiwanis Hall of Fame; website upgrade to KI graphic standards in effect; RIF summer fundraising result; Program: How Rosemead's Connections Forum Disconnects Crime with Councilwoman Sandra Armenta


Special Report: Importance of Pre-School Education by Will Blechman


08/22/2011 - No distribution


08/29/2011 - Highlights: RHS Key Club Rush; Program: Maryvale Review with Kiwanian Ann Lobsinger


Special Report: Rabies Vaccination  Requirements


09/05/2011 - Highlights: RIF 2011-2012 Orientation Meeting Scheduled; Grandson born; Sept. Key Club Newsletter released; jam-packed September Activities Calendar


09/13/2011 - Highlights: Warren Zeller Fellowship to support Kiwanis International's WWS ELIMINATE project new 50-50 drawing goal; 9/11 Rosemead commemorative sculpture dedication; 2011-12 RKC Foundation budget


09/19/2011 - Highlights: Ted Saulino inducted as new member; RIF September Highlights Newsletter released;

 early childhood development video available ; RKC/RKF Board meeting highlights


Special Report: Family Fun Day Success


09/26/2011 - Highlights: Relay for Life Coordinator needed; Lincoln Training Center monthly client birthday event; additional Family Fun and Health Fair details, Rosemead City Fall Fiesta. RSD Health Fair details;  Rosemead City Connections September Forum agenda


09/27/2011 - Special Bulletin: Announcement and background of 9/29/2011 RKC meeting speaker from Tournament of Roses


10/03/2011 - Highlights:  Installation date, KEY Club book drive, RHS Key Club Report, Community Fiesta, Fitness and Health Fair


Special Report: RIF adjusts to “life without earmarks”


10/10/2011 - Highlights: Geri Chisholm Honored; High speed rail alternative before City Council; New spiritual values program for youth; Key Club videos on You Tube


Special Report: Open Bible Church Embraces Awana Program


10/17/2011 – No Kiwanicle Issue 


10/24/2011 - Highlights: RIF October Newsletter, Relay for Life Fundraiser; Suzanne Coscarelli named Relay for Life Coordinator; Rosemead Connections Forum agenda; RKC Installation


Special Report: LTC Earthquake Drill


10/31/2011 - Highlights: SCE water recycling event; Kiwanis International President’s Visit; Turn around school with character focus; Encinita RIF event;  Bicycle Safety Coalition report


Special Report:  2012 Safety Connections Forum goal?


11/05/2011 - Special Bulletin: RIF-SoCal ThanksGIVING & Garvey Center Fitness and Health Fair


11/06/2011 - Highlights: KI, Circle K on-line Magazines released; Asian Health Fair Report; RIF Storybook  Campaign  Book Review – Getting it Done;  RHS Key Club October Report; RKC Program Notes –SARB  in Review


Special Report:  Holiday Season Brings Unique Challenges


11/14/2011 - Highlights: Veteran’s Honor Wall; Veteran’s Kiwanis Breakfast; Kids Newsletter; Relay for Life Yogurt Shop Fundraiser; APFC CAD Report; December CMI Music Presentations


11/28/2011 - Highlights: Three free business related seminars;  Newsletter links for Aktion, Builders and RIF; December CMI Music Presentations; Relay for Life Flapjack Fundraiser; Rosemead gets new shuttle service to Metrolink depots;


Special Report: Auto Burglary Prevention Tips


12/05/2011 - Highlights:  Rhymatics Choir performs at CMIReynita Amador made honorary RKC member;  Winter/Spring Rosemead Recreation Guide released; Division 10 Kiwanis Lt. Governor remarks


12/12/2011 - Highlights: Rose Float Decoration; Key Club/DCM Reports; CofC Mixer/Toy Drive; International President Visitation/Interclub;


Special Report: Child Car Seat Safety


12/19/2011 - Highlights: Rose Float Decoration; International President; Visitation/Interclub; Masthead change; Yoplait yogurt lids fighting breast cancer