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The RKC Kiwanicle (and RKC Member Bulletins and Special Bulletins) are publications chronicling in words and pictures the activities of the Rosemead Family of Kiwanis (RFK) groups and certain affinity groups. 


The RFK presently includes: Rosemead Kiwanis, RHS KEY Club, Don Bosco KEY Club, and the Muscatel Builders Club. It is our hope that in the near future there will be additional clubs added to this list.  Affinity groups presently include selected faith based organizations, business owners, non-profit organizations and educators.


The Kiwanicle and related  RKC bulletins are produced and distributed via e-mail to members of the above groups; issues are also posted here as a matter of historical record for those interested.


2012 Kiwanicle and bulletin link index: 


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                    other year indexes: 2009, 2010 2011)


01/04/2012 Highlights: Kiwanicle format change; RKC meeting program: Diving in the 21st Century with Kiwanian Chris Glaser.


Special Report: KI President Lauds Rose Float Effort


01/09/2012 Highlights: State kills Redevelopment Agencies, including Rosemead's; RFK (Rosemead Family of Kiwanis-affiliates) Clubs Relay for Life team now open for member signups; RKC meeting program: Rosemead Library Programs Adapt to 21st Century.


Special Report: Healthy Way LA Expands No-cost County Healthcare Program for Poor


01/16/2012 Highlights: Lincoln Training Center birthday/Student dictionary labeling projects scheduled, distribution policy on Kiwanicle/Reporter changed; Program: Head Start program with Cynthia Carter-Bedoya (details in RKC Reporter)


01/23/2012 Highlights: Special speaker at Pasadena Kiwanis meeting from Ronald McDonald house; former KI Executive Director Rob Parker;  Kiwanis shirt availability; RKC service project report; RHS Key Club report;

RKC Board meeting report; Social media: RKC friends postings to RKC Facebook page.


01/30/2012 Highlights: Kiwanis education meeting slated; focus report on identities and duties of RKC RIF site Coordinators and resources; Social media: RKC friends postings to RKC Facebook page; biography of RKC member Ken Pike.


02/06/2012 Highlights: New Members Installed; RIF Coordinator Update; Help wanted for Youth Summit;  Eliminate Project; Kiwanis One Day; Relay For Life; Upcoming Service Projects


02/13/2012 Highlights: Passing of Xavier Quintanilla; Prayers for Suzanne Coscarelli; grant from EverTrust Bank; Youth Summit support and roles outlined; Chinese New Year celebration dinner; RHS Key Club report. 2/09/2012 Program summary: Kathryn Montes on how to raise money to fund RIF events and other matters.


02/20/2012 Highlights: Monthly LTC Birthday Party; program chairpersons needed; GSD Science Olympiad Grant; 2/16/2012 Program: Board meeting


02/27/2012 Highlights: CMI Fire Safety Presentation upcoming, Boggle for books; GSD/Rosemead Beautification Day; K-Family Publications Online; Key Club Installation, People for People Support; Science Olympiad Muscatel success; student dictionary distribution; Youth Summit success; Chamber of Commerce power mixer; 2/23/2012 Program: Why We Love America, with Jimmy Weldon


03/05/2012 Highlights: Science Olympiad team grant presentation; RHS Key Club Installation; Beautification Day plans; Temple Musical fundraiser; Youth Summit success; RKC Appointments; RKC T-Shirt ordering; 3/1/2012 Program: Kiwanis Opportunities Roundtable.


03/12/2012 Highlights: Demise of Geri Chisholm;  LTC birthday event date change; Community involvement and Hillcrest read-ins; RIF templates; Bank account progress; RHS Key Club installation; K-family on-line resources for March;  3/8/2012 Program: Savannah Cemetery - Rosemead's Cauldron of History with Joann Russell-Chavez


03/26/2012 Highlights: Kiwanis Division 10 Directory Closing; LTC Monthly B-Day celebration date change; Club shirt ordering issues; Return of Sergio Medrano; Presentation of Hillcrest Elementary appreciation notes; Parking lot dedication at Civic Center; 3/15/2015 Program report: Board meeting (accepted report of Financial procedures and designated GSD Beautification Project as 2012 Kiwanis Family one project.)  3/22/2012 Program Report: Music Trivia by Kiwanian Bob Bruesch.


04/02/2012 Highlights: Good Friday Community Prayer Breakfast; April website updating; K-One Day Beautification Project update; GSD Education Foundation Banquet; Kiwanis Division 10 Governor's Banquet; 3/29/2012 program report: Communities in  crises with Kiwanian Jeff Allred - the impact of the demise of the state's redevelopment agencies.


04/09/2012 Highlights: Kiwanis Division 10 Governor's Banquet update; People for People move and thrift store closing; Relay for Life update; RIF issues; GSD/Community Beautification Project; 4/5/2012 program report: Earthquake preparedness with Kiwanian Lou Reade.


Special Report: Luminarias - a special part of the Relay for Life


04/16/2012 Highlights: Muscatel Science Olympiad team Southern California champs (again!); Meeting location change May 17; GSD Education Foundation banquet; Kiwanis Division 10 Governor's banquet; RIFSoCal Carnival/Boggle for Books. K-Family Report: Robertsons serve as Key Club chaperones; Four online reports for different K-Family groups. 4/12/2012 Program report:  Board meeting


04/23/2012 Highlights: May meetings listed, Key Club TV; ordination for Ray Rivera;  4/19/2012 Program report: Home health care with Stephanie Reade and  Kathie Schilling.


05/03/2012 Special Bulletin: Upcoming programs

                                                    Cal-Nev-Ha Governor’s Visit and Banquet

                                                    Alhambra Kiwanis “Suits for Troops” project


05/11/2012 Highlights: 2012 Rosey Award, Rhythmatics CMI recital in June, Kiwanis Division and District news, Fall prayer breakfast update. 04/26/2012 Program Report: Roy Rozell of Asian Youth Center; 5/3/2012 Program Report: Chuck Lyons, San Gabriel Mission


05/14/2012 Highlights: Angels baseball outing, May LTC Client birthday party, June Rosemead Relay for Life  5/10/2012 Program Report: Know your Assembly Candidate: Matthew Lin.


05/21/2012 Highlights: Jan Robertson receives Zeller Award; RKC April Club of the Month; Kings supporting RIFSoCal; Rosemead Education Foundation golf tourney 5/17/2012 program report: Know your Assembly Candidate: Edwin Chau.


05/28/2012 Highlights:  Two new members inducted; More RKC Awards; June programs listed ; 5/24/2012 program report: Familia Unida with Irma Resendez


06/04/2012 Highlights: Mayor's State of City Address; Relay for Life; 2012 Rosey Rewards; Familia Unida visitation; July-August Program Chairpersons; Crochet class. 5/31/2012 Program Report: Mitchell Ing, 49th Assembly District Candidate


Special Report: Maryvale gives thanks for Cool Stuff


06/11/2012 Highlights: Dave Barron honored; Board meeting; Relay for Life; Annual Macy's RIF event; Kiwanis International; June email update; RIF June, 2012, e-letter; 6/7/2012 Program Report: Rhythmax CMI performance.


Special Report: David Barron honored as Small Business of Year


06/18/2012 Highlights: LTC (Lincoln Training Center) date change; Rosemead Connections June meeting cancelled; Board meeting: tentative nominations announced, satellite meetings approved Macy’s annual RIF campaign, Mary Shulse leaves CMI 6/14/12 Program Report: Muscatel Builder’s Club installation


06/25/2012 Highlights: LTC help needed, call to election, Board meeting: dues change, formal adoption of tax policy, July program schedule announced 6/21/2012 program review: inside Temple Intermediate School’s fine arts program.


07/23/2012 Highlights: Library crochet class, LTC client birthday event; 7/19/2012 program review: Lt Governor’s annual visit. 7/18/2012 Satellite meeting review: kickoff meeting


07/30/2012 Highlights (special RKC program “catch-up” issue):  August/September RKC program listing; 6/28/2012 program review: Bonzai Horticulture with Ken Teh; 7/06/2012 program review: RHS Key Club; 7/12/2012 Tree City USA with John Scott

08/06/2012 Highlights -Target stores education giveaway on internet, Master at Arms request regarding loose change, website indices updated, LTC client party, satellite meetings, installation/orientation news, RHS Key Club report. Prior week program: free form discussion of long term planning issues due to speaker “no show”

08/13/2012 Highlights Frank DiNoto recovering from pneumonia, Sharon Esquivel memorial, RIF orientation, LTC client party, RKC given honor, Prior week program: Open board meeting with 5 action items


08/20/2012 Highlights Kiwanis reviewers needed for Career Partners fair; RKC receives National Night Out award;   Prior week programs: Maryvale report (regular meeting) and community coordination (satellite meeting)


08/26/2012 Highlights Annual Cal-Nev-Ha Convention Report, Target stores education drive oversubscribed success. Prior week program: Perils of Trusteeship in Living Trusts with attorney Vanessa Terzian


Special Report: Managing a Living Trust – what successor trustees should know


09/04/2012 Highlights - Installation/induction meeting details; RHS Key Club August Report

Prior week programs: Orientation PowerPoint at Satellite' Route 710 alternatives at luncheon meeting


09/08/2012 - Special Bulletin:  invitation to grand opening of Pho Island Express restaurant


09/16/2012 - Special Bulletin: 2012-2013 RKC installation invitation


09/17/2012 - Special Bulletin: RKC member Polo Shirts now available


09/25/2012 - Special Bulletin: October luncheon meeting schedule listed


10/16/2012 - Special Bulletin - two items:


                      10/18 luncheon meeting program -  BSA non-traditional scouting

                       programs and camping opportunities; Bahooka declared official

                       RKC Thursday luncheon meeting location for 2013.


10/21/2012 - Special Bulletin to Rosemead spiritual leaders: Mayor's Prayer



10/29/2012 - Special Bulletin - two items:


                       11/1 luncheon meeting program NAMI (National Institute for Mental

                       Illness) in Rosemead


                            11/08 - Luncheon Board meeting at Bahooka


11/07/2012  - Special Bulletin: RIF-SoCal 2012 Thanksgiving Fundraiser


11/12/2012 - Special Bulletin: 11/15 luncheon meeting program - San Gabriel

                       Mountains Forever


11/15/2012 - Special Bulletin:  Flyer for Kiwanis International's President's

                       Luncheon on December 29, 2012


11/23/2012 - Special Bulletin - three items:


                      11/29 luncheon meeting program: Vet Hunters


                       December luncheon meeting program schedule posted


                       Preliminary 2012-2013 RKC Committee Chairpersons and



12/07/2012  - Special Bulletin: SCE Community Forum - "Helping Our

                       Communities Succeed and Strengthening our Non-Profit Sector"


12/07/2012 - Special Bulletin - two items:


                       12/11 Recognition Ceremony at Rosemead City Council for RKC 

                        involvement in revival of Mayor's Prayer Breakfast            


                       January luncheon meeting program schedule released


12/10/2012  - Special Bulletin - four items:


                        Used coat/sweater donation opportunity


                        Dictionary labeling project for GSD student dictionaries 


                        Recognition award slated for City Council - all Kiwanians included


                        Lincoln Training Center monthly birthday party slated for 12/12   


12/13/2012 - Special Bulletin: Volunteer opportunity for late night chaperones for

                       rose float decorating


12/17/2012 - Special Bulletin - three items:


                        Annual Lincoln Training Canter holiday party slated for 11/19


                        11/20  luncheon meeting program - ancient Chinese culture


                        January luncheon meeting programs posted to RKC website