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Rosemead Kiwanis from 2005-2007 published a newsletter called the RKC Reporter  for general distribution to interested persons. Also published were periodic special focus reports. Both of these were usually available in both electronic and hard copy versions.


This pattern was altered in 2009, replaced by the RKC Reporter and RKC Kiwanicle, both of which are produced as resources permit. The Reporter is directed primarily to the general Rosemead community while the Kiwanicle is for RFK (Rosemead Family of Kiwanis) groups and RKN (Rosemead Kiwanis Network) members.  The Reporter and Kiwanicle are supplemented by periodic special bulletins and special reports as occasion demands.


In 2012, as part of the RKC involvement with the City-sponsored Rosemead Connections, we began compiling a monthly calendar of events. These of course included Kiwanis meetings, but also activities at the Library and functions sponsored by the city.


Until 2014 separate indexes were maintained for both the RKC Reporter and RKC Kiwanicle. This was because each issue was distributed as a unique document.  Bulletins and special reports were included in the indexes for the respective publications. d


Beginning in 2014, as an accommodation to the multiplicity of platforms and monitors, we began publishing the Kiwanicle and Reporter as .pdf file documents. This led to inclusion of both publications plus supplemental e-mail bulletins and special reports in a single downloadable .pdf file for the entire year. This file contains a table of contents summarizing all documents by date with links to the documents within the file. Every document also has a "return" link to the index. It is thus possible to navigate thru dozens of documents within a single file. This negates the need to download multiple files or open extra windows.




Featured below are the cumulative .pdf file (Kiwanicle, Reporter, Bulletins and Special Reports) index file links for 2014 and subsequent years.


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Below for those interested are links to indexes of archival copies of the pre-1914 Kiwanicle, Reporter and Community Calendar. Also included are several general interest RKC/RKF brochures and documents. The Fax of Life inspirational monographs now have their own archival indexes. 


Links to annual RKC Kiwanicle indexes for pre-2014 years:


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Links to annual RKC Reporter indexes for pre-2014 years:


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2006-2007 RKC Monthly Reporter Back Issues 


January, 2006, Issue


February, 2006. issue


March, 2006, issue


April, 2006 Issue


May, 2006, Issue


June, 2006, Issue


July, 2006, Issue


August, 2006, Issue


September, 2006, Issue


October, 2006 Issue


December, 2006, Issue


January, 2007, Issue


2005 RKC Monthly Reporter Back Issues


October, 2005, Issue


November, 2005, Issue


December, 2005. Issue



RKC Reporter Focus Reports


RIF (Reading is Fundamental) - 11/2005


THRIVE (Kiwanis/Mission Care Vaccination Program) - 11/2005


Links to Community Calendars (current and prior year)





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RKC Brochures and Documents


RKC/RKF/RFK/RKN Introductory Brochure (2014-15 edition)


Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation Assistance Form  


RKC/RKF 2014-2015 Committee Structure


2014-2015 Rosemead Projects Detail


2014-2015 RKC Bylaws