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2008 RKC Reporter December Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


        Dec 07 - Neighborhood Watch Snags Three Burglars; Treat the Hungry Holiday

                    Legislative Contest Extended; Don Bosco KEY Service

                        Dec 11 Meeting Program:  Rice Elementary School Rhythmtics

                        FOL Attachment: I Laughed ‘Till I Cried


        Dec 14 - 12/16 City Council Meeting Agenda; Dec Public Safety Meeting

                       Rosemead Chamber Open House

                        Dec 18 Meeting Program: American Cancer Society

                        FOL Attachment: Christmas Letter from Jesus


        Dec 16Special RKC Reporter Bulletin: Meeting Change - Byron Thompson School for special

                        Interclub and presentation by Bell Ringer's Choir


        Dec 21 - Wayne Martin named Honorary Kiwanian; Rose Float Service Project

                        Dec 25 Meeting Program: None (Holiday)

                        FOL Attachment: Twas the Night Before Xmas


        Dec 28 - Kiwanis Float Wins Award, K-Family Float Services, 2008 Rosemeasd Kiwanis Achievements

                        Jan 1, 2009 Meeting Program: None (Holiday)

                        FOL Attachment: Lucky Dog....


2008 RKC Reporter November Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


        Nov 2 -  Please Vote; Chamber Health Expo; Mayor's Quarterly Breakfast

                        Nov. 5 Meeting Program: Kiwanian Virginia Petersen Garvey School Supt.

                        FOL Attachment: Left for Dead.


          Nov 5 Special RKC Reporter Bulletin: Local Non-Candidate Election Results


        Nov 9 -  Election results and updated; website indexes through October

                        Nov. 13 Meeting Program: None - Interclub with San Gabriel Kiwanis

                           due to CMI dance

                       FOL Attachment: The Pastor's Kitten

                           Special Report: Schools/Panda Group Team for Success with

                                 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


         Nov 12  - Special RKC Reporter Bulletin - Rosemead Safety Alert System Inaugurated


        Nov 16  - 11/18 City Council Meeting Agenda; 11/19 Pubic Safety and

                        Earthquake Preparedness Meeting

                        Nov 20 Meeting Program: JPL – The Current and Future Mission

                              with Kiwanian and former KEY Clubber Sara Hatch

                        FOL Attachment: An Answer to Prayer


        Nov 23 -  There Oughta Be a Law Contest started by Assemblyman Eng

                        Nov 27 Meeting Program: None (Holiday)

                        FOL Attachment: Dust if You Must


        Nov 30 -  (No news submitted)

                        December 4 Meeting Program: "to be announced" due to last minute cancellation

                        FOL Attachment: Mork on Xmas


2008 RKC Reporter October Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


        Oct 05 - Successful installation; Community Safety Meeting

                        Oct 9 Meeting Program: Dr. Robert Yoho on Liposuction

                        FOL Attachment: A Boy and His Doll


        Oct 12 - (no weekly bulletin)

                        Oct 16 Meeting Program: Judaism: What's it All About?  with

                               Rabbi Alan Lachtman

                        FOL Attachment: (deferred to Oct. 29 special issue, below)


        Oct 19 - (No news submitted)

                        Oct 23 Meeting Program: Rosemead Kids, with Kiwanian Carol Mahoney,

                        FOL Attachment: Law of the Garbage Truck


        Oct 26 - (No news submitted)

                        Oct 30 Meeting Program: California Propositions, Dr. Carolyn Ellner

                        FOL Attachment: The Couple in Modest Clothes


        Oct 29 -  Special Issue: Chamber of Commerce Health Care Expo;  New City of

                               Rosemead Website and Anniversary Banner Programs; Public

                               Safety Meeting on Earthquake Preparedness

                         (No meeting associated with this issue)

                         FOL Attachment: If I Had My Life to Live Over

                        SPECIAL REPORT - Garvey District Greenlights

                                 Duff School Lease to Boys and Girls Club 



2008 RKC Reporter September Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


        Sep 07 -  (No news items)

                          Sept 11 Meeting Program: War Dogs with Kiwanian Ernie Ayala,

                                  Division 10 Lt. Governor-elect and an officer in the National

                                  Viet-Nam, Dog Handlers Association

                          FOL Attachment: A Random Act of Kindness

                      Special Report: Step Up for Kids Day / Every Child Matters Fund


        Sep 14 -  Mike Eng Legislative Luncheon; Community Safety Meeting

                          Sept 18 Meeting Program: Kiwanis and RIF: A Perfect Partnership  -

                                    by Kiwanians Jan McKay and Susan Coscarelli

                          FOL Attachment: Starting a Family


        Sep 21 -   RKC Reporter joins Safety Alert Network

                           Sept 25 Meeting Program: Savannah Cemetery with Kiwanian Bob Bruesch

                           FOL Attachment: A. B. C. 's


        Sep 28 -   Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation makes two awards; RIF-SoCal Orientation

                            Meeting; Installation Dinner Details

                           Oct 2 Meeting Program: None - dark due to District 10

                                     Installation Dinner the next evening

                            FOL Attachment: Old Man


2008 RKC Reporter August Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


        Aug 03  - Macy's/RIF Discount; Neighbor Hood Watch awards; Summer Concerts;

                          Aug 7 Meeting Program - Police Diving with Aaron Mascorro, son of our

                                      Rosemead Kiwanis vice-president elect

                          FOL Attachment: (none)


        Aug 10 -  Career Partner's Intern Program; Tiger Woods Learning Center Tour and

                                     CAL-NEV-HA Anaheim convention; Macy's/RIF Discount (repeat)

                         Aug 14 Meeting Program: Fire Prevention and Earthquake by Kiwanian

                                       Lou Reade

                         FOL Attachment: (none)


        Aug 17 - New 8th Grade Algebra Standards; Janet Chin does Neighborhood Watch;

                         Intern Program (repeat); Macy's/RIF Discount (repeat); New Kiwanis/

                         Boys and Girls Club relationship, Duff school branch proposal

                         Aug 21 Meeting Program - special occasion: Monterey Park Boys and

                                      Girl's Club

                         FOL Attachment: The Woman and a Fork


        Aug 24 - (No news items this week)

                         Aug 28 Meeting Program: County Probation by LASD Representatives from\

                                        the Temple City Sheriff's station

                         FOL Attachment: Attitude


        Aug 31 - (No news items this week)

                         Sept 4 Meeting Program: The Lone Ranger with Kiwanian Ted Ashley

                         FOL Attachment: Priorities


2008 RKC Reporter July Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins  


        July 06 -  Wedding Bells for Ron Robertson and Jan McKay plus a bevy     

                      of Summer community activities

                          July 10 Meeting Program - Disaster Counseling with Lynda Harbert

                           FOL Attachment: Stress Reduction

                      Special Report: Disaster Counseling


        July 13  - Concerts in the park, Chamber Mixer. plus the new monthly

                          Community Safety meeting

                      July 17 Meeting Program - Batter Up with former major

                                       leaguer Jay Johnstone

                           FOL Attachment: Field of Two Horses


        July 20  - Passing of Thelma Boyd (eulogy);

                     July 24 Meeting Program - Reading Resource Center dedication at Maryvale

                          FOL Attachment: Who Packed Your Parachute?

                          Special Report: Maryvale Reading Resource Center (by Rosemead Kiwanian

                                Frank DiNoto, Past Kiwanis International President)


        July 27  - Macy's/RIF discount, Kiwanis Division 10 BBQ, Thelma Boyd Memorial

                      July 31 Meeting Program - Interclub with Pasadena Kiwanis

                          FOL Attachment: How to Stay Young


2008 RKC Reporter June Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


        June 01 -  Science Olympiad Champs; Special election ballot analysis

                           June 5 Meeting Program: Jean Luge, Jeff Tully and

                                                                     the 2008 Muscatel Science Olympiad Team

                            FOL Attachment: Trail of Life


        June 08  - June 12 Meeting Program: Don Anderson and Mandy Wong:

                                         Safety Department and Rebuilding Neighborhood Watch

                                 (Note: due to a city department heads meeting called on short notice

                                  this program had to be rescheduled for July 3)

                             FOL Attachment: Locating God


        June 15  - Community Safety Meeting

                            June 19 Meeting Program: Internet Tutoring, Courtesy of Abacusoft

                            FOL Attachment: Take Time

                       Special Report: Virtual Classroom


        June 22  - June 26 Meeting Program: Africa Missions with

                                                                        Mark Clark of Grace Chapel

                            FOL Attachment: What Goes Around Comes Around


        June 29 -  Fourth of July Celebration Road Closures

                       July 3 Meeting Program: Don Anderson and Mandy Wong:

                                         Safety Department and Rebuilding Neighborhood Watch

                            FOL Attachment: Freedom is Not Free


2008 RKC Reporter May Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


        May 04  -  New Kiwanis Officers; RIF funding campaign status report;

                              summer fast food discounts

                         May 8 Meeting Program - Kiwanian Sergio Medrano, Wood Craft Rangers Camp

                         FOL Attachment: Prayer for the Children

                        Special Report - RIF Support Letters Needed


        May 11 - Celebration of Charity Event

                         May 15 Meeting Program: Vicki Smith. Board of Equalization

                         FOL Attachment: Mom Says


        May 18  - Celebration of Charity Report; Neighborhood Safety Meeting

                          May 22 Meeting Program: Open Forum:

                              Strategic Planning - focus on Committee Structure

                           FOL Attachment: More Mom Humor


        May 25 -   Memorial Day observance; Panda Disaster Relief; The Wicked

                                Wizard of Oz; Special Election Proposition Analysis

                           May 29 Meeting Program: Kiwanian Miguel Deguzman,

                                                                   Philippine Mission Report

                           FOL Attachment: What is Life?           

                      Special Report: The Wicked Wizard of Oz and the

                                           Temple Intermediate Performing Arts Society



2008 RKC Reporter April Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins          


        April 06 - Neighborhood Watch Revitalization; Muscatel Builder's


                      April 10 Meeting Program: Builder's Club installation at

                            Muscatel Intermediate School

                      FOL Attachment: Pancakes


        April 13 -  Safety Center Launches Community Safety Meetings;

                                   Clinton/Obama debates via satellite

                           April 17 Meeting Program: Open forum due to illness of

                                    scheduled speaker

                            FOL Attachment: Frogs (duplicate of October 6, 2007)


        April 20 -   Pregnancy Help Center Crib Project; Celebration of Charity

                                   awards; CMI Fashion Show

                            April 24 meeting program: Mario Gras, California Dept.

                                   of Juvenile Justice

                            FOL Attachment: Will You Leave It On The Desk?


        April 27 -   Rosemead Rebels  tryouts, Cal-Nev-Ha scholarship grant

                                   and Asian Pacific Leadership Award nominations

                             May 1 meeting program: Kiwanian Lou Reade,

                                    Safety First

                             FOL Attachment: I Will Sing

                 Special Report:  2008 Asian Pacific

                                              Leadership Awards


2008 RKC Reporter March Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


         March 2 -    Job Fair and Mixer; E-Waste Collection;

                                     Rosemead Community Yard Sale

                             March 9 meeting program: Darlene Nichols, Don Bosco

                                   Student Activities Director

                             FOL Attachment: Footprints - a New Version


          March 9 -    Don Bosco KEY/Muscatel Builders Visit; Job Fair and Mixer;

                                   RIF Cycle; Clipper's Discount

                             March 13 meeting program: Rice School Rhythmatics

                             FOL Attachment: I Wanted to Quit

                                Special Report: RIF in Fall Budget Fight as

                                                       Second Cycle Awards Are Issued


          March 16 -  RIF funding endorsement;, Kiwanian Fingerprinting;

                                    Pancake Breakfast; upgraded special Clipper’s discount

                             March 20 meeting program: Diana Lavalette, United Parcel Service

                             FOL Attachment: There is a Legend                            

               Special Report: Woodcraft Rangers spotlight

                                          Garvey District Activities


          March 23 - Kiwanian fingerprinting, an upgraded special Clipper’s


                             March 27 meeting program: Group finger printing by Sheriff

                             FOL attachment: The Story of Edith Burns  

                             Special Report: Rosemead Schools Star

                                                         in 2008 Science Olympiad


          March 30 - Wal-Mart Grant to Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation;

                                     Revival of Rosemead Neighborhood Watch; Clipper's Discount

                             April 3 meeting program: Rick Lugo, Federal Probation Officer

                             FOL Attachment: God Said No


2008 RKC Reporter February Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


          February 3 -   Don Bosco KEY Club Candy Drive; Cal-Grant and Financial Aid

                                       Workshop; Chinese New Year Floral Street Fair

                                  Feb 7 meeting program: Ken Tai, The Chinese Zodiac

                                  FOL Attachment: The Dime

                                          Special Report – Afghan Children's Airlift Appeal


          February 10 - Federal budget cuts threaten RIF/Even Start Programs;

                                  Feb 14 meeting program: Temple Intermediate School Band and

                                        Choir with George Woo, Conductor

                                  FOL Attachment: Excellent Advice

                                  Special Report: Rosemead Adult School Gets

                                                           Even Start Literacy Grant 


          February 17 -  (No RKC Reporter issue)

                                   Feb 21 meeting program: Terry Middleton, Mosquito Abatement District

                                   FOL attachment:  None


          February 24 -  Second cycle RIF events commencing

                                   Feb 28 meeting program: RKC Strategic Foirard Plan

                                   FOL Attachment: The Old Man and His Dog

                                   Special Report: Rosemead Groups Help with

                                                             Humanitarian Airlift


2008 RKC Reporter January Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins 


          January 7 -  Jan RIF Newsletter (New parent e-letter); Rethink Seminar;

                                January 10 Meeting Program: Fundraising Tenets by

                                       Kiwanian Anthony Robles

                                FOL Attachment: Lost and Found

                                Special Report: KEY Club Holiday Season Projects


          January 14 - Savannah School gets award

                                January 17 Meeting Program: Rosemead Report by

                                       Rosemead City Manager and Kiwanian Oliver Chi

                                FOL Attachment: Face to Face


          January 20 - Rethink Seminar Synopsis posted                                

                                January 24 Meeting Program: No Child Left Behind update -

                                      Kiwanan Virginia Peterson, Supt. Garvey School

                                      District, and Anita Chu  

                                 FOL Attachment: Request Denied

                                Special Report: State of Rosemead, featuring speech

                                        by City Manager Oliver Chi                            


          January 27 - Walmart Environmental Initiative; Temple Technology Grants;

                                 Sierra Madre Kiwanian Grants;  

                                 January 31 Meeting Program: Toastmaster format, Kiwaians

                                          Elizabeth Landing and Ernie Ayala       

                                 FOL Attachment: Magnolias

                                 Special Report: No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Review


2007 - RKC Reporter December Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


         December 3  -   Dec RIF Newsletter; Eng Community Meeting; After School

                                             Volunteers; Kiwanian Orientation

                                    December 6 meeting program: @ Carrow's Restaurant with early

                                           adjournment to Temple Intermediate School for

                                           Model School Recognition Program featuring

                                           California Superintendent of Public Instruction

                                           Jack O’Connell and former KEY Club member

                                           Assemblyman Mike Eng

                                     FOL Attachment: The Gift


         December 10 -  Pearl Harbor Remembered: Arlington Wreath; Blind

                                             Kiwanian Doctor;

                                    December 13 meeting program: Special choral presentation

                                             for CMI Residents by Temple Intermediate choirs

                                    FOL Attachment: What Love Means to 4-8 olds

                                    Special Report: Temple Intermediate Teacher

                                             Honored With $25,000 Milliken Award


         December 17 -  Cool Stuff Kiwanis Edition released; RIF SO-CAL gets

                                             donation; Temple Choir Presentation

                                    December 20 meeting program: Service project at

                                              Lincoln Training Center in lieu of meeting

                                    FOL Attachment: My Peace I Give to you

                                    Special Report: Maryvale Starts Offsite Living Program


         December 24 -  Rethink Seminar; Dec Afterschool Now; Temple

                                             Bookmark Winner; State Mtg Crises Resource

                                     December 27 meeting program: Service project

                                               in support of Rose Float project by KEY

                                              Club in lieu of meeting

                                     FOL Attachment: Christmas in America


         December 31 -  2007 Achievement Review

                                     January 3 meeting program: Roundtable discussion of

                                            sub-prime mortgages

                                     FOL Attachment: If Only We Believe


2007 - RKC Reporter November Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


          November 7*  - School Board Election Results, San Gabriel Hospital Sale;

                                     November 8 Meeting Program: Kiwanian Richard Arguijo, Cal

                                          Tech Mars Space Program 

                                     FOL Attachment: A Special Little Angel


                                              *(Issue date delayed to accommodate publication of election results)


          November 12 - Oktoberfest Success, First RIF Series, Temple Kiwanis

                                           Garden/Rec Room Dedication

                                     November 15 Meeting Program: Kiwanian Jorge Lopez

                                        , - "Wal-Mart in Rosemead"

                                     FOL Attachment: Silence - The Veterans Best Salute


          November 19 - Service Club Role per USA Today, Crochet Class Helps

                                           African Orphans, David Sieloff Archeology Lecture

                                     (No meeting Nov. 22 due to Thanksgiving)

                                     FOL Attachment: Thanksgiving Thorns


          November 26 - November RIF Newsletter; Elementary School Tutors;

                                           FOL Archive 3Q Update

                                    November 29 Meeting Program: Steve Golden, Kiwanis

                                            Division 10 Lt. Governor

                                    FOL Attachment: Yule Rush