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2009 RKC Reporter October- December Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


Note: due to absence and illness of Editor there were no RKC issues or special bulletins

                           released during the period October- December, 2009


2009 RKC Reporter September Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    Sep 07 News: Assemblyman Eng recognizes Lou Reade; synopsis of Rosemead Green Sheet

            9/10 Meeting Program - Pregnancy Help Center with Jane Chavez

            Fax of Life Attachment:  "Ballerina Dog"


    Sep 14 News: Hillcrest Elementary Pancake Breakfast

            9/17 Meeting Program - State of the District with Assemblyman Mike Eng

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Crabby Old Man"

                                            Special Report: Rosemead Citizen's Academy


    Sep 21 News: Kiwanis Division 10 installation

            9/24 Meeting Program - Extremism in America with Mary Weissman of the ADL

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Puppy Size"


    Sep 28 News - none submitted

            10/1 Meeting Program - My Recent Life with Aktion Club member Mike Garcia

                  (rescheduled from 7/30 - meeting shifted to  DiPilla's restaurant due to CMI

                   power outage)

            Fax of Life Attachment: none


2009 RKC Reporter August Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    Aug 03 News: University of the West seminars; National Night Out observance

            8/6 Meeting Program - Health Care Reform? - a review of the house-passed bill by

                 RKC Reporter Editor Art Landing

            Fax of Life Attachment: "The Class that Failed"


    Aug 08  News - none submitted

            8/13 Meeting Program - Rosemead City Report by new City Manager Jeff Allred

            Fax of Life Attachment: "So True"


    Aug 17 - No RKC Report

    Aug 24  News: Wal-Mart makes $5000 contribution to Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation

            8/27 Meeting Program - Hitchhiking Across America - poet Bruce Sievers shares highlights

                 of his 45,000 mile trek thru 45 states

            Fax of Life Attachment Double header "Scars of Life" and "A Canine Angel"

            Special Report: "Dog Whisperer" - Cesar Milan featured as part

                          of benefit for San Gabriel Humane Society


    Aug 27 - Special RKC Bulletin: prayer request for Diane Quintanilla


    Aug 31 -  (Note: no RKC Reporter was sent for 8/31`/09)

            9/3 Meeting Program - Waste Not by Richard Fierro, customer newsletter editor for

                   Consolidated Disposal Services.

            Fax of Life Attachment: None received


2009 RKC Reporter July Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    Jul 06  News: Macy's Supports RIF with Special Offer

            7/9 Meeting Program - Changes Like You Can't Believe - A review by RKC Reporter Editor

                   Art Landing of  Federal tax law changes and other initiatives.

            Fax of Life Attachment: None received


    Jul 13  News: None submitted

            7/16 Meeting Program -  Interclub at San Gabriel Kiwanis

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Family"


    Jul 20  News: Boat Raffle

            7/23 Meeting Program - Loan Modifications and Related Issues with Tom Carrozzo

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Buzzards, Bats and Bumblebees"


    Jul 27  News: Rosemead Concert Series

            7/30 Meeting Program - My Recent Life with Aktion Club member Mike Garcia

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Old Barns and Old People"


2009 RKC Reporter June Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


   Jun 01  (No RKC Reporter issued for this week)

            6/4 Meeting Program - Science Olympiad Team


   Jun 08 News

            6/11 Meeting Program - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Update @ Encinitas School

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Twinkies and Root Beer"

             Special Report: Duff/Boys & Girl's Club Proposal Status


-  Jun 15 (No RKC Reporter this week)

            6/18 Meeting Program - Woodcraft Rangers Update with Sergio Medrano


   Jun 22  News - Relay for Life Report

            6/25 Meeting - Grass Roots Politics with Patrick O'Conner

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Fathers and Sons"

            Special Report: Fighting for our Families - a point/counter-point discussion

                           of the fallout from California's budget crises.

    Jun 29 (No RKC Reporter this week)

            7/2 Meeting Program - Internet Safety with Shay Torres @ Dipilla's restaurant


2009 RKC Reporter May Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    May 04  News

            5/7 Meeting Program - Disaster Preparedness featuring Joel Dominguez from

                   Total Resource Sales

            Fax of Life Attachment: "How to Plant Your Garden"


    May 11  (No RKC Reporter this week due to illness of RKC Reporter's Editor's wife)

            5/14 Meeting Program - YMCA Today featuring Valerie Gomez, Alhambra YMCA director


    May 18 (No RKC Reporter this week due to illness of RKC Reporter's Editor's wife)

            5/21 Meeting Program - Air Safety with Paul Foster of the FAA


    May 25   (No RKC Reporter this week due to illness of RKC Reporter's Editor's wife)

            5/28 Meeting Program - Builder's Club Installation @ Muscatel Intermediate School


2009 RKC Reporter April Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    Apr 06 News - City Manager Oliver Chi focus of special Council meeting; flurry of

                Rosemead events including a Blood Drive, Health and Safety Fair, a Mexican

                style bar-b-que, and a new "Citizen’s Academy."    

            4/9 Meeting Program - Media 2009 with David Baaron

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Price of Children"


    Apr 13 News - City Manager Oliver Chi Ousted

            4/16 Meeting Program - Tsunami Aftermath with Garvey Principal John Tures

            Fax of Life Attachment: "The Folded Napkin"


    Apr 20 News - none submitted

            4/23 Meeting Program - Implementing the 7 Principles of Highly Effective People

                   with Garvey School District's Anita Chu

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Robby"


    Apr 27 News - Muscatel Science Olympiad Team wins California, heads for nationals;

                             remodeled Rosemead Wal-Mart has grand reopening ceremony

            4/30 Meeting Program - Kiwanis Division 10 Report by Lt Governor Ernie Ayala

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Brownies"


2009 RKC Reporter March Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    Mar 2 News - City Council Election promo; Intermediate School Bandfest at Garvey Auditorium

            3/5 Meeting Program - American Legion with Alhambra Post Chaplin Gilbert Aguero

            Fax of Life Attachment: "A Duck Story"


    Mar 3 - Special RKC Bulletin: appeal for scholarship judges


    Mar 9 News - Election results and Relay for Life progress

            3/12 Meeting Program - The Fourth Estate with San Gabriel Valley Tribune Editor

                     and General Manager Steve Lambert


            Fax of Life Attachment: "A Teacher's Quandry"


    Mar 16 News - Relay for Life Progress

            3/19 Meeting Program: Islam in the 21st Century with Muizz Rafique of the Council

                      for American/Islamic Relations


            Fax of Life Attachment: "Little Things"


    Mar 23 News - no items submitted

            3/26 Meeting Program - Tort Abuse featuring Maryann Maloney from Citizens

                     Against Lawsuit Abuse           

             Fax of Life Attachment: "Monument Message"


    Mar 30 News - Don Bosco KEY Club officers installed

            4/2 Meeting Program - Libertarianism featuring party leader and past candidate Art Olivier

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Holy Humor"

            Special Report: "Not On Our Watch" - background for an upcoming  special satellite

                      broadcast presented locally by the Mission United Methodist Church


2009 RKC Reporter February Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    Feb 2 News - Stimulus funding for area schools announced ; Relay for Life Coordinating

                    Committee meetings begin

            2/5 Meeting Program - Culture Change with Dr. David Antion

            Fax of Life Attachment: "TAPS"


    Feb 5 - Special RKC Bulletin: free available tickets for LA Opera


    Feb 9 News - Rosemead Recreation Department/WR form partnership; RKC Committee

                      chairpersons announced

            2/12 Meeting Program - Temple Intermediate School band at CMI

            Fax of Life Attachment: "What Love Means to a 4-8 Year Old"

            Special Report: Rosemead Recreation/Woodcraft Rangers form sports

                   program partnership


    Feb 16 News - Rosemead City Council candidate forum; RKC Committee

                  member recruitment appeal

            2/19 Meeting Program - Health Care Alternatives with Lisbeth Baird DC

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Remembering AJ"


    Feb 23 News - Council candidate debate report; Career Partners Recruitment Day

            2/26 Meeting Program - Technology Center dedication at Temple Intermediate

            Fax of Life Attachment: "Hugs from AJ – Passing the Love Forward.”


2009 RKC Reporter January Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    Jan 05 News - no items submitted

                1/8 Meeting Program - Rosemead Open Bible Church History with pastor Frank Contreras

                 Fax of Life Attachment: "Heart to Give"


    Jan 12 News - City Council meeting agenda

                 1/15 Meeting Program - Mock Trial (at Garvey Intermediate)

                 Fax of Life Attachment: "Special Gift for Sarah"


    Jan 19 News - No items submitted

                1/22 Meeting Program - Don Bosco Report with principal Gary Catalano

                Fax of Life Attachment: "Life Perspective A-Z"


    Jan 26 News - Rosemead 50th Anniversary History Celebration

                1/29 Meeting Program - State of the City with City Manager Oliver Chi

                Fax of Life Attachment: "Shopping for Love"


    Jan 28 - Special RKC Bulletin: Temporary Rosemead road closures due to fire

                 involving haz mat materials