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2010 RKC Reporter December E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    12/07 News: Rosemead Safety Department issues citizen safety checklist

               11/11 RKC Meeting Program:

               FOL Link: "The Brick" (a FOL repeat)

               Special Report - Holiday Safety Tips


2010 RKC Reporter November E-Mails and Special Bulletins


    11/30 News: RIF Funding escapes budget moratorium

              12/2 RKC Meeting Program "Sound of Music" - Note: to facilitate

                       participation by CMI residents this presentation by GSD's

                       Monterey Vista Elementary School will start at 10:00 followed

                       by a lunch meeting without a speaker:

               FOL Links: 11/07 - "Daddy's Day"

                                  11/14 - "45 Lessons of Life"

                                  11/21 - "Footprints - a new version"

                                  11/28 - "If Only we Believe"

               Special Report - RIF Funding Mechanism Preserved


     11/01 News: Election day coverage

               11/04 RKC Meeting Program: Tom Mix with Glendale Kiwanian Ted Ashby

               FOL Link: "When Your Hut's On Fire"


2010 RKC Reporter October Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


     10/26 News: Hellman Avenue construction impacts traffic for six weeks

               10/28 RKC Meeting Program: Libertarian Viewpoint with Alan Pyeatt

               FOL Link: "Twenty One Rules"

                  Special Report: Water Conservation


     10/18 News: Teen Drunk Driving Special Lecture; Electronic Waste recycling event

               10/21 RKC Meeting Program: Peace and Freedom with gubernatorial candidate Carlos Alvarez

               FOL Link: No fax of life distribution this week

                  Special Report: Electronic Waste


     10/10 News: City Council meeting agenda; community animal vaccination event

               10/14 RKC Meeting Program: Neglected Milestones of American History with Kiwanian Art Landing

               FOL Link: "In Honor of Veteran's Day"


     10/05 News: Successful RKC 2010-2011 Installation; website archive updated for third quarter

               10/07 RKC Meeting Program: Directions for the Coming Year with Kiwanian and RKC

                     President Ron Robertson

               FOL Link: "Pencils"


2010 RKC Reporter September Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


     09/27 News: Community Academy and Business Education programs both have early

                   October registration deadlines; City Council agenda; projected additional high

                   speed rail hearing

               9/30 RKC Meeting Program: None held due to installation

               FOL Link: "Circle the Cribs"


     09/22 News: Run for the Memorial success; graffiti report

               9/23 RKC Meeting Program: WTC Artifact Sculpture with sculptor Heath Satow

               FOL Link: "Smile"

                  Special Essay: What I have Learned in 30 Years of Law Enforcement


     09/13 News: Jam-packed City Council meeting agenda

               9/16 RKC Meeting Program: Board meeting

               FOL Link: "Meet Me in the Stairwell"

                  Special Report: Preparing for the BIG Earthquake


     09/07 News: Chamber of Commerce slates three September events

               9/09 RKC Meeting Program: Water Conservation with Maria Kennedy

               FOL Link: "Encouraging Predictions for 2011"

                  Special Report: Duff School to become kid's health center


2010 RKC Reporter August Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


     08/30 News: Run for the Memorial (9/11) registration

               9/2 RKC Meeting program: People to People Update with Holly Knapp and Norene Rand

               FOL Link: "Growing Up - an option in life"


     08/23 News: City council agenda with focus on high speed rail hearings and options

               8/26 RKC Meeting Program: Travelogue thru Budapest with Kiwanian George Cisneros

               FOL Link: "Reggie"

                  Special Report: Whooping cough epidemic declared for state


     08/17 News: WTC artifact arrives in Rosemead, will be part of memorial sculpture

               8/19 RKC Program: Board Meeting

               FOL Link: None


     08/13 - Special bulletin: WTC Artifact to arrive in Rosemead - special 8/17 reception announced


     08/11 News: None submitted

               8/12 RKC Meeting program: Massage Therapy with Joel Ang

               FOL Link: "Its UP Time America"


     08/04 News: Neighborhood Watch meeting & graffiti wars

               8/05 RKC Meeting Program: International Kiwanis Convention Report by

                       Kiwanis Division 10 Lt. Governor Jan Robertson

               FOL Link: "Mom is Home"


2010 RKC Reporter July Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


     07/26 News: City Council Agenda and the ongoing anti-graffiti campaign

               7/29 RKC Meeting Program: Teaching incarcerated Students with Kiwanian

                   Jerlene Hales

               FOL Link: None


               (Note: due to unexpected scheduling problems 7/22 and 7/29 speakers as

                          listed actually switched times)


     07/20 News: RKN members Career Partners and Woodcraft Rangers both

                    featuring summer youth programs

               7/22 RKC Meeting program: Lincoln Training Center Report with

                    Kiwanian Mario Manzano

               FOL Link: "Death of an Innocent"

                    (Note: this issue officially dated 7/16/2010)


     07/13 - No RKC Reporter issue


     07/06 News: Macy's Annual RIF-SoCal Event in full swing; Concert series

                    and Meals forYouth programs in effect for summer

               07/08 RKC Meeting program: Again They Serve with U.S. Marine Sgt

                     Enoch "Mac" McLain

               FOL Link: "An Example of Honor"



2010 RKC Reporter June Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


       06/28  Editorial - updated indexes and thank you to our readers

                 07/01 RKC Meeting Program: None - meeting skipped due to holidays

                 (No Fax of Life received this week)


       06/20 News: Agenda for major City Council meeting

                 6/24 RKC Meeting Program: Estate Planning with attorney Hung Ban Tran

                 FOL Link: "When God Created Fathers"


       06/13 News: Los Angeles Sparks Women's Basketball team tickets available; Summer

                     Recreation Department brochure released; Rosemead Greensheet highlights;

                6/17 RKC Meeting Program: Science Olympiad demonstration at Muscatel

                     Middle School

                FOL Link: "Time for a Smile :)"

                    Special Report: Garvey Intermediate Student to represent California

                                                in National History Day competition


       06/07 News: None submitted

                 06/10 RKC Meeting Program:  RKC Board of Directors meeting

                 FOL Link: "Live for Today"


2010 RKC Reporter May Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


       05/03 (Note: the RKC Reporter was not issued this week as Editor was out of town)

                 05/06 RKC Meeting Program: School Funding Crises with Delores Preciado,

                           GSD Acting Superintendent

                 (No Fax of Life received this week)


       05/10 News: City beautification projects, Environmental awards banquet, City Council

                     activities; Construction, real estate and job opportunities report

                 05/13 RKC Meeting Program: RKC Board of Directors meeting

                 FOL Link: "Keepers"


        5/17  News: Relay for Life, Recycling Center

                 05/20 RKC Meeting Program: Boys and Girls Club Partnership at Duff

                          School with  WSGV Boys and Girls Club CEO and Kiwanian Tim Motts

                 FOL Link: "Blue Rose"


       05/20 Special RKC Bulletin: Freeway off ramp closures due to maintenance


       05/24 News: National Science Olympiad (Muscatel Intermediate representing California)

                 Results;  City Council activities and Rosemead Green Sheet Report

                 05/27 RKC Meeting Program: Excerpts from Guys and Dolls with Temple Intermediate

                          School choir (performed in CMI Chapel following abbreviated RKC meeting

                          starting at 12:30)

                 FOL Link: "Mother's Tribute"


       05/31 News: Relay for Life exceeds goal; Anti-graffiti war continues; Rosemead Safety

                          Department participates in GSD Parent Academy

                 06/03 RKC Meeting Program: Rosemead Safety Department with Tim Murakami

                 FOL Link: "Memorial Day"

                            Special Report: Relay for Life Major Success (reprint from WSGV Journal)


2010 RKC Reporter April Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


       04/05 News: Health Care Fair for K-1 Day picture montage; Folk Music night upcoming at

                 California Mission Inn

                 04/08 RKC Meeting Program: Some Words from Our Veterans - with Doris Zavela,

                          WW2 WAC, Louis Barajas and John Benitez

                 FOL Link: "The Bird Cage"


       04/12 News: None submitted

                 04/15 RKC Meeting Program: RKC Board Meeting (held at Denny's)

                 (No Fax of Life received by time of RKC Reporter distribution)


       04/19 News: Muscatel Science Olympiad Calif Champs - again!

                 04/22 RKC Meeting Program: Earthquake Awareness with Kiwanian Lou Reade

                 FOL Link (double header): "Staying Young While Growing Old" and "The Best Poem

                         in the World"

                         Special Report: An Aktion Club in Action


       04/26 News: City Council Agenda; City open house; Safety Forum meeting

                 04/29 RKC Meeting Program: Trivia Time with Kiwanian and RKC President

                         Carol Mahoney

                 FOL Link: "Friendship"


       04/26 Special RKC Bulletin: Freeway off ramp closures due to maintenance


2010 RKC Reporter March Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


       03/01 News: City council affairs - sale of Glendon Hotel; Recreation Department

                           improvements;RIF Activities report

                 03/04 RKC Meeting Program: Don Bosco Key Club Report with Jeff Galba

                 FOL Link: "Nouns and Adverbs"

                         Special Report: RIF Activity Round-up


        03/08  News: None submitted

                 03/11 RKC Meeting Program: Rosemead City Report with City Manager and

                          Kiwanian Jeff Allred

                 FOL Link: "When You Thought I Wasn't Looking"

                         Special Report: Rosemead Safety Connections Forum


       03/15 News: Rosemead community yard sale

                 03/18 RKC Meeting Program: RKC Board Meeting (Held at Denny's)

                 FOL Link: "Rosebuds"


       03/22 News: Yard sale success; 1010-1011 RHS KEY Club officers installed

                 03/25 RKC Meeting Program: Spam, Scams and Viruses with Michael Lattimore

                          of SCE (Held at Denny's)

                 FOL Link: "The Room"  (written by a 17 year old)

                            Special Report: Health and Safety Fair - Free Dr. Exams for Kids


       03/29 News: None submitted

                 04/01 RKC Meeting Program: KEY Leader Program with Kiwanian and RKC

                          President Carol Mahoney

                 FOL Link: "Shopper's Prayer"


2010  RKC Reporter February Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


      02/02  News: Kiwanian Virginia Petersen named California School Superintendent of year;

                          Temple Intermediate School has special RIF celebration

                 2/04 RKC Meeting program: Israel Today with Sue Matchett

                 FOL link: "God is in Control"

                          Special Report: Achievement by Virginia Petersen and her Garvey District team


      02/09  News: RIF funding threatened - Janson RIF activity spotlighted

                 2/11 RKC Meeting program: State of the Heart with Ross Jutsum

                 FOL link: "How to Plant Your Garden"

                                Special Report: Call to action on RIF funding threat


      02/15  News: Mass transit hearings slated

                 2/18 RKC Meeting program: RKC Board of Directors

                 FOL links (double feasture): "Kids and Cancer" plus "Bible Stories by Kids"

                       Special Report: Residents encouraged to attend Metro extension hearings


      02/22  News: Key City Council meeting agenda issues

                 2/25 RKC Meeting program: 211 Non-emergency Information with Mary Saunders

                 FOL link: "A Word Fitly Spoken"


2010 RKC Reporter January Weekly E-Mails and Special Bulletins


(Note: due to editor illness there were no RKC Reporter weekly bulletins during January 2010)