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 Rosemead                 Agenda/Reports




          Serving the Children of the World




RKC Satellite Meeting

July 18, 2012

Rosemead Public Library


4:15 – Opening: Flag salute


                           Kiwanis Inspirational Moment


4:20 – Special announcements: Jeff Allred


                 a.   Tentative outline of a possible (although not yet official)

                        project which may potentially involve manpower from K-Family


                 b.   National Night Out – nature of August 7, 2012, event and any

                        possible Kiwanis or SLP group club involvement


4:30 -- K-Family Reports:

            Rosemead Kiwanis - Dave Barron

            RHS Key – Lou Reade and officers

            Don Bosco Key – Miguel Flores and officers

            Muscatel Builders – Reynita Amador and officers


4:50 – Satellite background, goals and ground rules: Art Landing


4:55 – K-family Round Robin – brief comments from everyone


5:10 – Closing remarks and announcement of next meeting


5:15 – Formal dismissal followed by fellowship as desired



MINUTES )From 6/23/2012 Kiwanicle)


RKC Satellite Kick-off  - 23 individuals, including RKC (Rosemead Kiwanis Club) members, SLP (Sponsored Leadership Program) group members and advisors, plus a few others attended our initial RKC satellite meeting Wednesday, July 18, 2012, at the Rosemead Public Library.


It was the first time in the memory of anyone present that representatives of all four Rosemead K-family clubs were present in the same room. The setting was that of a regular RKC meeting, complete with banner, bell, pledge of allegiance and opening prayer. An KI inspiration moment quote, from a collection distributed at the recent KI convention, was used in lieu of a song and is reproduced in the right hand column of this issue of the Kiwanicle.


City Manager and Kiwanian Jeff Allred introduced a concept from the Savannah Cemetery Board. It involves a Rosemead historical mural proposed for the backside of the Moose lodge which abuts the cemetery (which is now a state historical site). Members of all four K-Family clubs present indicated a willingness to discuss supplying manpower for a Cemetery fundraiser to finance the project. RKC participation was referred to Bob Bruesch of the RKC’s Community Affairs committee to develop and present to the RKC Board (Bob is also a member of the cemetery board).


Each of the clubs present introduced their representatives and described their existing programs.  RHS Key is conducting meetings and service projects thru the summer. Don Bosco is restricting its outreach programs. If things go as presently planned both Clubs for 2012-2013 will have faculty advisors who are themselves former Key Club members. The Muscatel Builders Club is looking forward to its usual service activities, but has had to curtail its tutoring program due to District safety concerns.


Rosemead Librarian and Kiwanian Sue Yamamoto described library services designed to help candidates for the SAT and similar exams.  Kiwanian Myrna Lopez from Career Partners described internship and other job opportunities; she was backed up by RKC member candidate Tam Dinh, whose family’s pharmacies have five internship positions. Logsdon School Board member and Kiwanian Ted Saulino described his role in relation to Maryvale. Kiwanian Bob Bruesch gave highlights of two student-oriented programs he will be introducing to the RKC Board.


This meeting is the first in a series currently slated to be held twice a month through the end of the year, featuring different themes in similar workshop format.