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RKC Satellite Meeting

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rosemead Public Library


3:30 – Opening: Flag salute


                             Kiwanis Inspirational Moment


3:40 - Introductions


3:45 K-Family and Community Group Reports :

        RHS Key – Lou Reade/RHS Key officers

        Don Bosco Key – Miguel Flores/Darlene Nichols

        Muscatel Builders – Reynita Amador/Muscatel Builders officers

        Temple/Garvey – Ted Saulino

        Scouts – April Zall

        Asia Youth Center - Roy Rosell


         (Note: Augustine "Augi" Avila of Maryvale and Hector Chaira of Woodcraft

           Rangers could not make today's meeting but will be participants in the future.)                 

 4:00 – Jeff Allred: Fitness and Health Day – Health Fair Overview

        (group discussion)


4:20 – 2012-2013 Calendar Discussion:


4:25 – Closing remarks and announcement of next meetings:

        Wednesday, August 29 - Kiwanis Orientation from 3:30-4:30

        Tuesday, September 11 – K-Family/RKN from 3:30-4:30



4:30 – Formal dismissal followed by fellowship as desired



Detailed Minutes (condensed version in :8/20/2012 Kiwanicle)


Community Collaboration - Featured at the RKV Satellite meeting for August 15, 2012 was a round-robin of “Community Collaboration” reports on various Rosemead based activities. These reports were designed to promote interaction between the represented groups and this in fact did occur post-meeting. Specifically highlighted were several potential SLP (Sponsored Leadership Program) group service opportunities. A number of events with specific dates will be listed on the RKC Website Community Calendar and featured on the KMVR Internet radio “Around the Valley” program


Included were the following:


International Career College – this Pasadena based institution is offering cashless dental examinations and treatments – everything from fillings to root canals.  The only requirement is submission of the name of a potential enrollee in the school’s dental or nurse referral programs. According to Sandra Armenta the available study programs include late afternoon and evening classes, making it possible for those referred to be as young as age 16. This opportunity is not an RKC-linked project per se, but will be featured in an RKC Reporter announcement and possibly mentioned on KMVR.


Job Fair – Career Partners will be holding a job fair on Friday, September 21, 2012, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm reported Mirna Lopez. Kiwanians are needed to help wth resume composition and interviewing technique evaluation.


College Enrollment Fair – Tuesday, September 25, 2012, from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm will be a regional college recruiting fair  at the Don Bosco Technical Institute campus, 1151 San Gabriel Blvd., in Rosemead. Local Rosemead area high school students, both public and parochial, are welcome to participate in making connections and find out about various colleges and universities.


Art Fair Saturday, September 29, 2012, will be an Art Fair at the Rosemead Moose Lodge. It will be sponsored by the Savannah Cemetery Association. RKC Community Affairs Chair Bob Bruesch is on the Cemetery Association board and will be requesting help from our SLP groups as needed.


Rosemead Marathon – the City of Rosemead, in conjunction with the non-profit Pasadena Marathon organization (, will be co-sponsoring a 5K Run and 1-mile Fun Walk on Saturday, February 9, 2013. The start and finish of the event is slated to be at Rosemead Park at no cost to the city. According to City Manager and Key Club co-advisor Jeff Allred It is likely that there will be service opportunities for the Key Club and similar groups. The RKC does not presently have a direct role in this but those SLP leaders attending our satellite meeting will keep us informed.


Education Foundations – Rosemead has an education foundation for each of its two elementary districts. The REF (Rosemead Education Foundation) has as its mission compensating for under-funded or non-funded school programs in areas including the Science Olympiad, technology, fine arts and teacher grants, according to its President, Dean Wharton.


The GEF (Garvey Educational Foundation has similar goals with two differences, according to Bob Bruesch. It sets aside part of its funds to build up an endowment. It also is involved with promoting a unique project in concert with the United States Navy: mentoring intermediate school students in underwater robotics. This pioneering program is being offered to a number of districts in the Southland.


It was noted that there is a great need for supplemental revenues in this economy. Joint fundraising efforts centered around the fine arts and food events may be one avenue. Specific proposals will have to be assigned for development as they arise. .


Health Fairs A Fitness and Health Day event is slated for the Garvey Community Center on October 28, 2012. It is co-sponsored by the City of Rosemead and an Asian Pacific health group called the Joy of Kung Fu. Included will be prizes for student artwork as part of a contest currently underway using application forms available at the Rosemead Library or via download from


The principal mission of the Joy of Kung Fu organization is the martial arts. However, examination of its website shows an active interest in general health matters – including alternative therapies and medical screenings.


In related matters it was noted that the GSD Duff School health fair has been cancelled for 2012. The  spring health fair in San Gabriel associated with the Kiwanis Pancake breakfast was not held this year. The health fair sponsored by the Rosemead Education Foundation is continuing however. 


These events are all very well attended and attract co-sponsorship monies by such organizations as NAAAP and Kaiser Permanente The reason, noted Bob Bruesch, is that certain Rosemead census tracts have an exceptionally large number of low income Asian Pacific residents.. Programs such as Head Start also are mandated to do this kind of outreach. However, funding cutbacks have hampered the ability of local government and schools to provide needed “boots on the ground” local support.


623 Night Market – the concept of a 623 night market, which has been highly successful in other cities, coming to Rosemead was raised by Tam Dinh and favorably received. Suggestions were made as to possible venues.


It was also noted that there is a prospective Farmers Market in Rosemead, but according to City Manager Jeff Allred “there is not yet a date set for the Farmer’s Market at the Whittier Narrows Golf Course.  The promoter at Whittier Narrows is in the process of gaining the required approvals from the County among other tasks that still need to be accomplished.” . The topic will be monitored by the RKC Community Affairs Committee and possibly developed further in the future.


Scouts According to scouting coordinator April Zall, Rosemead presently has four traditional groups in Rosemead and is looking forward to renewing activity in the after school programs. RKC interaction here will be a function of the SLP Committee, which deals with both our sponsored youth and after school programs.


Food Bank – after commenting favorably on Rosemead’s handling of the National Night Out event Roy Rosell noted that the Asian Youth organization has had great success with a summer food bank drive.  The latter was necessitated by the closing of a food bank used previously for their clients – likely one of the four food bank closings reported in previously in the Kiwanicle. RKC involvement in this area is a function of the RKC Spiritual Values Committee, which interfaces with People for People.