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                                      Minutes of Rosemead Kiwanis Satellite Meeting

                                                    Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Attendance:  Kiwanians Jeff Allred, Bob Bruesch, Helen Hua, Miguel Flores, Morley Lyle, Art Landing, Lou Reade, Sue Yamamoto and April Zall. Don Bosco Key Club Officers Matthew de Vela, Ricky Tham and Ocean Zhang, Vet Hunter representatives Martin Barragan Jose Pila; and Mellanie Villarreal; Christopher DiPilla of the Nuvein Foundation


Handout - Current Rosemead Kiwanis Club Meeting & Community Events Schedule:  10/1/2012 distributed 


Pledge of Allegiance and prayer




Jeff Allred

 1)  Movie Presentation – October Baby, a movie focusing on teen

      pregnancy and childbirth will be presented on 11/29/2012 @ 6:00  

      pm at the Rosemead Safety Center sponsored by Rosemead



2)  Savannah Cemetery - Arts & Crafts Fair was a success.  The

      event was held to celebrate the cemetery becoming a State

      historical landmark and to raise money. The Rosemead High School

      Key Club helped set up for the event as well as the tours.  A mural is

      being created which will go on the back of the Moose Lodge. 


3)  Health Fair is scheduled at the Garvey Community Center on

     10/28.  (K-12th grade student artwork is on display in the library's

      Meeting Room; awards will be presented at the event).

 Sue Yamamoto - Reading is Fundamental orientation meeting for RIF-SoCal was held in late September.  RIF focuses on improving literacy among children from low income families but also to promote the joy of reading.  Select elementary schools schedule reading events three times a year including opportunity for the kids to get a book to take home. 


Rosemead Kiwanis has assigned site coordinators for all local RIF sites; we support RIF by providing funds for the school's site events as well as assisting with the events themselves.  Ronald McDonald is available by special appointment for RIF events. Kiwanis site coordinators may need to assist with third event book fundraising.  


Lou Reade - Provided updates on the satellite meetings at Rosemead Library which were scheduled so students from the Key Clubs and others could attend if they were unable to attend the Thursday afternoon meetings at Mission Inn.  Lou also stated that as of January, the Kiwanis Thursday meetings would be moved to Bahooka Restaurant.  There will be no meeting on 12/25. 


Bob Bruesch - In October there will be a Halloween parade at the Willard Elementary School. Readers are needed!  Bob noted that 60,000 books have been passed out over a 5-year period to students in Rosemead as part of the RIF program


Art Landing - Mayor's Prayer Breakfast is upcoming at 8:30 am on Monday, November 12. 2012 at the Garvey Community Center with a Veteran’s Day theme. (Bob Bruesch confirmed that the Boy Scouts will be supplying an honor guard). members of the Open Bible Church will be cooking the meals, and Evergreen Baptist Church furnishing music. Inspirational speaker Jimmy Weldon and Mayor Sandra Armenta will be featured.  Kudos to Wal-Mart and Consolidate Disposal for their support.  


Miguel Flores  - The Don Bosco Key Club is involved in a "kids at risk" literacy program for 2nd-6th graders at Monterey Park Library.   Don Bosco is also involved in fund raising and organizing a Fall Rally.


Christopher Avila – distributed materials on upcoming El Monte art festival


Special Presentation: Jose Pila and Mellanie Villarreal from Vet Hunters. 


Vet Hunters is a 501(3C) organization whose goal is to help vets reintegrate into society and to assist homeless veterans with employment, housing, food, rental assistance and more.   The group will be having their annual 3-day event - Stand Down - on November 2, 3, & 4 at Whittier Narrows. It is designed to assist veterans with food, assistance and housing needs.  They expect 1,000 people per day. 


The organization needs help with food due to a cash flow problem with a grant from one of te original sponsors..  Art has made contacts for donations of bread and sandwich meat with People for People. Chick Filet and other resources are also helping; Bob Bruesch volunteered to contact Panda Corp. .  Other suggestions were given to the organization as to where they might get food donations and water.  The RHS and Don Bosco Key Clubs plus the Boy Scouts may be able to help with volunteering manpower; the groups will be speaking with Mellanie on paperwork for minors who want to volunteer.


New member Orientation


After the main meeting was completed Miguel Flores, Don Bosco Dean and instructor, Helen Hua, new Executive Director of the Rosemead   Chamber of Commerce both were presented with our orientation PowerPoint. At the conclusion there was discussion of Kiwanis-sponsored educational forum for  Don Bosco members with tournament of Roses CD’s and Cool Stuff being suggested, Miss Hua informed us that she has after school experience and knows a presenter on etiquette for teens that would be an excellent fit.


Based on current information it would seem proper to slate a new member induction at our November satellite meeting for the following: Augie Avila, Helen Hua, Miguel Lopez, Morley Lyle, and April Zall.



Sue Yamamoto                                                   Art Landing
Community Library Manager                              RKC Satellite Committee Chair

Rosemead Library