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RKC Satellite Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 16, 2013




Kiwanians present:         Muscatel Builders Club:

   Jeff Allred                        Emily Chan 

   David Barron                   Alex Lu  

   Art Landing                      Kevin Ma

   Elizabeth Landing

   Don Quick                    Guest:

   Ted Saulino                     Jennifer Tang,

   Van Trac                            Encinita Principal

   Sue Yamamoto                 




RHS Key Club advisor Don Quick was formally inducted

as a Rosemead Kiwanian.


Activities Round-up:


RHS Key Club According to Advisor Don Quick RHS Key Club members assisted at the Aids Walk with 84 volunteers. They also will be out as usual for the monthly Familia Unidad event on October 25, 2013.


Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast This event will be held on Veterans’s Day, Monday, November 11, 2013, at 8:30 am in the Garvey Community Center.  The Calvary Tabernacle Choir will sing. Past RKC President and Division 10 Lt Governor Ernie Ayala, a Viet Nam war veteran active in national veterans groups, will be the featured speaker.  Elizabeth has tickets for the event.


Young Americans Jeff noted that his group is coming to Rosemead this weekend. This is a group, largely teens, enrolled in the musical arts. They  conduct a workshop for two days with local students, then put on a joint performance Sunday evening.  


Featured Topics


Reading is Fundamental – This an RKC activity coordinated by the Young Children Priority One (YCP1) Committee, whose 2013-2014 coordinators and officers were heavily represented at the meeting.


After noting and congratulating YCP1 chair and asst chair Sue Yamamoto and Van Trac on heir new assignments Art Landing gave a background review of the RKC’s involvement with RIF starting in 2005.


Founded in the Kennedy years the program distributes free books to K-3 students via three literacy events at each site. The RKC supports RIF at all eligible RSD/GSD elementary schools. Rosemead sites. This initially began with event manpower and a $150 per site supplies allotment and has broadened at some sites in recent years due to RIF funding issues.  


The RKC sponsored Muscatel Builder’s Club assembles 20,000 sets of bookmarks annually for use throughout Southern California. The RKC Family received the RIFSoCal "Champion Award" in 2010 for its ongoing support.


The Federal portion of support for RIF ended after nearly fifty years with the demise of earmark funding. Schools now have to pay a participation charge for pupils involved. This is for RIF operating costs – the books themselves continue to be  furnished free.


Three handouts were provided: 


      1)  Copies of an RKC Reporter special issue

            produced in 2005 featuring the RKC’s initial

            involvement with RIF (also available on the

            RKC website, here)

       2)  Kiwanis International’s Reading is Fundamental

            Service Bulletin (also available on the RKC

             website, here) 

       3)  Reach for the Stars! - a manual from RIF

            So Cal's Annual Site Coordinator Orientation

             Meeting in October.  It was suggested by YCP1

             Chairperson Sue Yamamoto that this document

             be scanned and available on the Rosemead

             Kiwanis website OR emailed to school

             coordinators & Kiwanis coordinators.


Also illustrated were two other documents from the Kiwanis website:


        1) a parent education brochure on RIF developed

             by a Kiwanis Club in Austin, Texas, for which

             we have been given a modifiable template for

             possible use in Rosemead. This brochure is

             available for review here although its future

             depends on its inclusion in the Committee’s

             Action Plan.


         2) the RKC Assistance Brochure, found here

             Initially supplied to all site principals to facilitate

             funding of non-RIF related activities, this

             resource has somewhat fallen into disuse with

             changing site turnover, a condition which site

             coordinators should hopefully correct.


According to comments at the meeting the initial concern needs to be addressing support needs for the sites – both in terms of coordinator identification, training and RIF funding. The YCP1 Committee can then look at involving parents and supplementary efforts within the purview of Committees mandate as described in the RKC’s Committee brochure, found here.


Ecology Club – Jennifer Fang discussed this project at Encinita School.  A plot of land has been set aside to raise plans and learn the basics of agriculture.  They plan to have a garden and grow organic crops and flowers. 


There is a Master Gardener involved as well as the Tree People (a Los Angeles based nonprofit group). Volunteers will be needed when the garden is put together for soil sampling, erection of planters and similar services.


The adjacent RHS Key Club and the nearby Muscatel Builder’s Club both indicated support for this endeavor. It was noted that Encinita has submitted and the RKC Board has approved a manpower and advisory services assistance request for the project.


Principal Tang also noted that Encinita has scheduled a Storybook Parade as a RIF event for Halloween week.


Respectfully Submitted

Sue Yamamoto (edited by Art Landing)